Derek Carr may need surgery on finger

May 19, 2015 – 10:04 pm by Ryan Phillips
    Derek Carr

The Oakland Raiders are looking to build their franchise around second-year quarterback Derek Carr, but they may have to wait for the 24-year-old to get on the field this offseason. On Tuesday, it was reported that Carr has an injury to his right ring finger that could keep him out for an extended period of time.

Chris Mortensen claims Carr’s injury could require surgery and if it does he could miss at least a significant portion of training camp. As it is, Carr is currently sitting out OTAs and it looks like he’ll miss the rest of them. That’s valuable time of working with the team’s new offensive coordinator Bull Musgrave that he is missing out on.

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Predicting the (sporting) futures of Mad Men’s characters

May 18, 2015 – 11:04 pm by Hickey
    Mad Men

Mad Men, one of the most acclaimed television dramas of this or any other era, came to an end on Sunday night. And with the exception of Betty Draper, every primary character on the show has a fairly open slate as they dive headlong into the 1970s.

Unless creator Matthew Weiner is hard-up for cash in 10 years – or dead and his son (who portrays Glen on the show) has accomplished nothing else and is hard-up for cash in 10 years – and decides to go the Entourage route and make a movie, the characters’ futures exist solely within our imaginations.

So we are putting our imaginations to work. And since this is a sports site, that involves putting some of our favorite (and least-favorite) characters into some sports-related futures.

It’s not untrue to the show, we’ll have you know. While sports has never been a prevailing theme in the series, its impact on the characters at times can’t be ignored.

Jai alai tries to use Sterling Cooper as an agency that will introduce the sport to American culture in an attempt to become the next big thing in the early ’60s. (It will have to wait for the Miami Vice opening credits.)

The rematch between Sonny Liston and the newly renamed (christened wouldn’t be the right word here) Muhammad Ali on May 25, 1965 is a central plot device of the Season 4 episode “The Suitcase.” That same episode has Don dismissing the idea of Joe Namath as an endorser for Samsonite because “He’s a rookie. He hasn’t even played a game yet.”

There are plenty more examples — in a later season, Harry Crane gets around to pitching Namath as the star of a “Broadway Meets Broadway Joe” variety show to be sponsored by Dow Chemical.

There is the ever-present Mets pennant on Lane Pryce’s wall, which Don discovers underneath a radiator or desk (I can’t recall exactly, but you get the picture) when he moves into the office in early 1969. He initially tosses it in the garbage, but then it is proudly displayed on his wall for the rest of the season. I’ve suspected Weiner was paying to the homage to the Mets themselves with that symbolism, as they spent eight years under the desk/radiator of the National League before their “miracle” World Series win that year.

There are more examples, but we don’t have all day, dammit. We’re just trying to justify the premise of this post before moving forward. And since Don always says you need to move forward…

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Video: USWNT’s Tobin Heath posterizes Mexican defender

May 18, 2015 – 12:15 am by Kevin Johnston

In their penultimate tune-up match before heading north to Canada for the 2015 Women’s World Cup, the United States Women’s National Team sought nothing more than a sharp, confidence-building performance against Mexico on Sunday night at the StubHub Center.

Sharpness, they exuded; confidence, they certainly built.

A brace each from Sydney Leroux (28′, 61′) and Abby Wambach (58′, 72′), along with a goal from Lori Chalupny (46′) propelled the hosts to a spectacular and highlight-filled 5-1 victory.

The play of the night came via a beautiful juke and assist by Tobin Heath on Wambach’s 2nd goal. After receiving a through ball near the side of the box from Leroux, Heath paused for a moment, and then absolutely embarrassed Mexican defender Kenti Robles with an Elastico move reminiscent of a Ronaldinho or Neymar highlight video, before calmly chipping a short ball over to Wambach for the header finish.

Here it is, in all its glory:

Ridic. Even Wambach, who had just scored, couldn’t help but force a wide-eyed, jaw-dropping smile at Heath. The play was definitely just the kind of “drop the mic” moment that Heath and her teammates needed heading into the most important tournament of their careers.

The USWNT have one more home friendly coming up on May 30 (4:30 PM ET, ESPN) at Red Bull Arena, and then they’re off to Canada to try to snag their third World Cup title, and first since 1999. “O Canada,” eh?

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News Flash: Jeff Loria remains terrible to work for

May 17, 2015 – 8:36 pm by Hickey

Jeffrey Loria

When the Brewers fired Ron Roenicke a couple weeks ago, we speculated as to who would be the next big-league manager to get the axe. Foolishly, we cut our list of speculation short of Marlins manager Mike Redmond. Though the Marlins weren’t off to the start they are capable of — surely no one anticipated Mat Latos going into the toilet as he has — I left Redmond off the list because Miami had just signed him to a two-year contract extension on the final day of last season.

But just as they say the Vice President is only one heartbeat away from becoming president (this is why choosing a doofus as your running mate is the best insurance policy against potentially dangerous internal enemies), the manager of the Marlins is one sneeze away from getting fired.

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Report: Seahawks won’t give Russell Wilson $20 million a year

May 15, 2015 – 4:05 pm by Ryan Phillips
    Russell Wilson

The Seattle Seahawks and quarterback Russell Wilson are in the middle of contract negotiations and what was expected to be a smooth process has gotten decidedly rocky. Wilson has one year left on his rookie deal and is in line for an extension, the problem is the Seahawks and he are far apart in negotiations.

On Friday, Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole reported that Wilson is looking for $20 million annually on a five-year extension. Cole claims the Seahawks “have no desire to get anywhere close to that.” The report goes further to state that Seattle is willing to let Wilson play out the final year of his deal without getting an extension done.

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Bulls go down in flames; is Thibodeau next?

May 14, 2015 – 11:04 pm by Hickey


With their backs up against the wall against the Cavaliers on Thursday night, the Bulls looked like the fat and/or skinny kid in dodgeball. Despite Cleveland missing two of its top three players — one of them for the entire series — Chicago proved to be a much easier out than anyone could have imagined, meekly ending their season in a 94-73 Game 6 loss.

Though no one is officially saying it, the game most likely marks Tom Thibodeau’s last game on the Bulls sideline.

“Until they tell me I’m not, I expect to be here. That’s the way I approach it,” Thibodeau told the media at his postgame press conference.

Expect the Bulls front office to tell him sooner rather than later.

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Report: Justin Blackmon denied reinstatement by NFL

May 13, 2015 – 5:12 pm by Ryan Phillips
    Justin Blackmon

It doesn’t look like Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Justin Blackmon will be returning to the NFL any time soon. The No. 5 pick from the 2012 NFL Draft is currently suspended indefinitely by the league and reports on Wednesday make it seem like things will stay that way for a while.

Mark Long of the Associated Press claims Blackmon applied for reinstatement to the NFL this offseason but was denied by the league. Mike Dempsey of 1010 XL in Jacksonville has confirmed that report. The assumption is that Blackmon failed another drug test or may have missed a test, which also counts as failing one.

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Florida State “negotiating” with Everett Golson

May 12, 2015 – 8:01 pm by Ryan Phillips
    Everett Golson

Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher made a poor choice of words when answering questions related to the recruitment of Notre Dame graduate transfer Everett Golson on Tuesday. Fisher said, “We’re negotiating, we’re talking right now. We’re going through things, staying in contact with him.”

OK, obviously that doesn’t sound right, but we’re fairly certain Fisher was referring to negotiating what Golson’s role with the team would be. The former Notre Dame starting quarterback is free to attend Florida State and play immediately under the NCAA’s graduate transfer rules and the Seminoles appear to be leading for his services.

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