Alfonso Soriano retires from baseball

November 4, 2014 – 11:32 pm by Ryan Phillips
    Alfonso Soriano

Alfonso Soriano, one of the most productive players of his era, retired from baseball on Tuesday night. During a radio interview in his native Dominican Republic, the 38-year-old claimed he no longer felt the desire to continue his career.

Soriano said, “I lost the love and passion to play the game. Right now, my family is the most important thing.”

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Fact: Joe Maddon will win the World Series with the Chicago Cubs

November 3, 2014 – 11:09 pm by Hickey


Most Cubs stories end at a bar. Joe Maddon’s Cubs story began at one. And if he can get that aspect of Cub life reversed, why not everything else that comes with it?

With Wrigley Field’s innards and outtards being gutted this winter, the team had to hold their new manager’s introductory press conference across the street at the Cubby Bear bar. That’s just as well given that the team’s media room, barring an update in the past couple years, is roughly the size of a living room.

But the location was a perfect fit for the man of the hour, and not just because Maddon ended his press conference by buying a shot and a beer for all in attendance. His press conference was a perfect display of why he will be the first of Frank Chance’s 52 successors to lead the Cubs back to a World Series title.

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Behold, the Best Sports-Themed Halloween Costume of the Year

October 30, 2014 – 9:14 pm by Ryan Phillips
    Natalie J.J.

As you should know by now, most of our friends are pretty damn awesome and creative. Never was that more evident than today, when Natalie, a good friend of the site, unveiled her Halloween costume. The picture above is freaking fantastic as the life-long Wisconsin fan paid homage to local boy gone-superhero J.J. Watt with one of the best sports-themed costumes we’ve ever seen.

There’s really not much to add to this except for the fact that she went viral immediately after we tweeted out the picture and she even got a response from Watt himself.

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MLB Rumors: Pablo Sandoval to the Boston Red Sox?

October 30, 2014 – 7:54 am by Ryan Phillips
    Pablo Sandoval

Now that the San Francisco Giants have cinched their third World Series win in five years, we can all get on to the important business of breaking down Major League Baseball’s offseason. And now that he has helped the Giants win that World Series, third baseman Pablo Sandoval could be on his way out of San Francisco.

Rumors have persisted for months that the Boston Red Sox were set to target the Sandoval this offseason and after the impending free agent tore things up in the postseason there is almost no chance their interest has dissipated. In fact, it was confirmed late Wednesday night that the “Kung Fu Panda” topped Boston’s offseason wishlist.

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World Series MVP presentation stolen by ‘Chevy Guy’

October 30, 2014 – 12:05 am by Hickey

You would think nothing could overshadow the magnificence of Madison Bumgarner’s World Series MVP performance — but somehow the trophy presentation took the cake.

Bumgarner’s 5-inning relief appearance in Game 7 capped off a World Series effort that legends are made of: 21 innings, 1 run, nine hits, 17 strikeouts and 1 walk. Impossibly good stuff. And so to commemorate the historic showing, Bumgarner was presented with the Most Valuable Player award by the only person in America more awkward than Commissioner Bud Selig.

His name is Rikk Wilde, which is not to be confused for Zakk Wylde. His title, as described by the TV screen, is “Chevrolet Sales & Marketing” though based on his on-screen performance one has to wonder how a single Chevy has been sold this year.

Wilde comes off something like Chris Farley in the SNL sketch where he interviews Paul McCartney (“Do you remember when you were in The Beatles? That was awesome.”)

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Report: Red Sox coaches can’t stand Yoenis Cespedes

October 28, 2014 – 5:55 pm by Ryan Phillips
    Yoenis Cespedes

While the baseball world has largely been focused on the fantastic Major League Baseball playoffs over the past month, several reports about Boston Red Sox outfielder Yoenis Cespedes have gone largely unnoticed. Another such story has popped up this week that should raise eyebrows around the league.

On Monday, Bill Madden of the New York Daily News reported that all of Boston’s coaches “hate” Cespedes. Madden claims the 29-year-old Cuban outfielder “marches to his own drum” and that while the Red Sox were initially planning to sign him to a contract extension, those plans were quickly shelved.

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Video: Tanner Pearson scores gorgeous goal

October 26, 2014 – 10:24 pm by Ryan Phillips
    Toffoli, Pearson, Carter

A big part of the reason the Los Angeles Kings are the reigning Stanley Cup champions is because of “That 70s Line.” The trio of Tanner Pearson, Jeff Carter and Tyler Toffoli teamed up in the postseason and immediately became a force for the Kings. So far in this young season they have continued that success, and might be the best line in hockey right now. On Sunday they dominated again and in a 5-2 win over the Columbus Blue Jackets came up with one of the best goals of the season so far.

On the play in question, Toffoli collected the puck on the right side of his own zone. The 22-year-old immediately spotted Pearson on the opposite side of the zone and knew that with his speed, he could out-skate the last defender deep. Then Toffoli flipped the puck over everyone deep into the Blue Jackets’ zone. Pearson won the race to the puck, and shot a rocket over the left shoulder of goalie Sergei Bobrovsky. It was hockey’s version of an alley-oop and it put the Kings up 4-2 in the third period.

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Peyton Manning calls out his scoreboard operator

October 24, 2014 – 12:20 am by Hickey
    Peyton Manning


And you did not do it to Peyton Manning’s liking.

In a rather surreal press conference moment after Denver’s 35-21 win over San Diego on Thursday night, Peyton Manning took his team’s scoreboard operator — yes, you read that correctly — to task for showing images of Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers in an effort to incite the crowd into booing.

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