Rangers sign Rougned Odor’s brother, Rougned Odor

February 19, 2015 – 9:19 pm by Hickey


Oakland Coliseum is known for raw sewage backing up into its dugouts, but the strangest Odor in the American League West this year emanates from Texas.

On Thursday, the Texas Rangers announced that they have signed the younger brother of second baseman Rougned Odor… Rougned Odor. That’s right, the Odor Brothers have the same first name.

The elder Odor, who already gives the Padres’ Jedd Gyorko a run for his money as “Major League Player who can most easily be confused for a Star Wars character,” made his debut for Texas last season. The 20-year-old second baseman from Venezuela hit .259 with nine home runs in his rookie campaign, and apparently his father goes by George Foreman’s naming conventions.

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Report: Five teams willing to offer $70 million to Hector Olivera

February 17, 2015 – 10:07 pm by Ryan Phillips
    Hector Olivera

Cuban players are coming to Major League Baseball in increasing numbers and the latest crop has a few gems in it. Infielders Hector Olivera and Yoan Moncada are both set to sign soon and on Tuesday we got an idea how highly thought of Olivera is.

Peter Gammons is reporting that at least five teams are willing to bid more than $70 million on the 29-year-old Olivera. While he hasn’t officially been declared a free agent yet by Major League Baseball, that is expected to happen shortly. Because Olivera is 29, he will be signed to a major-league contract and not as a prospect, and the team signing him will not face tax penalties under the baseball’s international signing rules.

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SNL Reunion outdraws NBA All-Star Game

February 16, 2015 – 7:01 pm by Hickey


Even when he’s the All-Star Game MVP, Russell Westbrook is playing second fiddle to a bigger star. Or in this case, multiple stars.

The NBA All-Star Game typically doesn’t have much in the form of entertaining competition for TV viewers, sports or otherwise, being that it takes place in the middle of February and all anyone ever wants in February is for the month to be done with because the best thing on TV is the NBA All-Star Game. (Olympic years provide an exception to this rule, though anti-curling forces will claim that the Winter Games are boring).

Alas, on Sunday night NBC was able to provide alternate programming that gave the All-Star Game a run for its money and then some — from the very same city from which the game was being played. Like a move you’d expect to see from J.R. Smith, Saturday Night Live’s 40th Anniversary Special pulled the shorts off the All-Star Game in the Nielsen ratings.

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Video: Victor Oladipo with insane pass to Cody Zeller

February 14, 2015 – 2:00 am by Ryan Phillips

Victor Oladipo and Cody Zeller both started for Team USA in the NBA’s Rising Star Challenge on Friday night to kickoff All-Star weekend. The two friends and former Indiana University teammates were having a lot of fun on the court, but one play in particular stood out as simply ridiculous.

After a turnover gave the World team an easy layup near the end of the first half, a long inbounds pass found its way towards Oladipo under the opposing basket. He rose up to grab it and bounced it perfectly between his legs to Zeller, who dunked it home with 1.2 seconds left in the half. It was gorgeous.

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Peyton Manning tells Denver Broncos he wants to return in 2015

February 13, 2015 – 7:33 pm by Ryan Phillips
    Peyton Manning

While several rumors continue to float around about Peyton Manning’s meeting with the Denver Broncos on Thursday, we can officially report that the 38-year-old quarterback told the team he plans on playing next season. Some have said that Manning was undecided after meeting with the team, but that is actually not true. He told the Broncos he is full-go and ready to play in 2015.

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen is also backing that up, claiming that Manning told Broncos officials “that he is physically and mentally prepared to play at a significant level in 2015.” Mortensen went on to say that while retirement remains an option for Manning, it is not one he expressed in the meeting.

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Minnesota Vikings publicly supporting Adrian Peterson

February 12, 2015 – 10:22 pm by Ryan Phillips
    Adrian Peterson

When Adrian Peterson was suspended for the bulk of the 2014 NFL season due to child abuse charges against him, many expected the running back to be done with the Minnesota Vikings. The franchise distanced itself from Peterson for months, but lately the team has seemed to reverse course.

On Thursday we got another indication that the Vikings were willing to bring Peterson back, as team COO Kevin Warren claimed the club would welcome him with “open arms” once he is reinstated by the league. Warren recently saw Peterson in court and said, “He’s a member of the Vikings family. I just wanted to go up, give him a hug and let him know he looked good.”

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Swaggy P shows up late before game; claims (unrelated) dolphin attack

February 11, 2015 – 1:13 am by Hickey

swaggy p

On a day where NBC News suspended anchor Brian Williams six months for fabricating his experiences in Iraq, it should be noted that the following story should be taken with a grain of salt. But since it was told, we’re obligated to repeat it for you.

Lakers sixth man Nick Young, who showed up to Staples Center for Tuesday’s game against the Nuggets 15 minutes later than coach Byron Scott’s mandated 6 p.m. rule, greeted reporters in the locker room with a doozy of a story about that time he was nearly killed by a dolphin.

It should be noted that the dolphin was not used as an excuse for Young’s tardiness, nor was it randomly brought up in an impromptu manner by the league’s leader in eccentricity. “Swaggy P” was asked about dolphins because his girlfriend, rapper musician entertainer Iggy Azalea, tweeted on Monday “Nick is scared of dolphins.” And frankly, what else are reporters supposed to ask about before a game between two horse shit basketball teams?

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Eastern Washington QB transfers to replace Mariota at Oregon

February 10, 2015 – 12:31 am by Hickey


Every year, dozens of football players transfer from Division I-A (FBS) down to Division I-AA (FCS). Typically it’s a matter of where they fit on the depth chart combined with the ability to play without sitting out a year. Joe Flacco serves as the best-known example, going from Pitt to Delaware and demonstrating he was a draftable quarterback. Brandon Jacobs, who left a crowded Auburn backfield for Southern Illinois, is another example. So too is Tre Roberson, who left behind an Indiana team that badly could have used his services at quarterback this year and led Illinois State to the FCS Championship Game.

But the elevator rarely travels in the opposite direction. Vernon Adams is the exception.

Adams, who has been a three-year star at Eastern Washington, announced he is leaving the school to transfer to Oregon, where he will presumably take the reins from the departing Heisman-winning quarterback Marcus Mariota.

The rules for moving up aren’t the same as moving down — Adams will only be eligible to compete for the Ducks because he is finishing up his undergraduate degree this spring and will enroll at Oregon for graduate school, where he will try to get his Masters in Football.

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