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The 10 Biggest Falls From Grace

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

It was a dark day here at Rumors and Rants Wednesday. The downward spiral of our once beautiful, delicate flower is now complete...Jessica Alba got married to a guy who actually refers to himself as "Cash." Yes, as has been speculated ever since he planted his demon seed in her ...

The 133rd Kentucky Derby: What The F**k Ever

Thursday, May 3rd, 2007

Usually, I'm able to satisfy my need to gamble during football's offseason with cockfights and the Little League World Series. But with the Kentucky Derby coming up, we thought we'd break down the field, offer some predictions, and admit that we really don't care about the Derby. After all, it's ...

O.J. Simpson: Still Making USC Proud

Saturday, October 21st, 2006

Some of you might have already heard about this story but we had to address it. O.J. Simpson has reportedly signed a $3.5 million deal to write a hypothetical book about the 1994 double murder of ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. Simpson was acquitted of all charges in ...