Police show media video of Joe Mixon punching woman

September 4, 2014 – 11:46 pm by Ryan Phillips
    Joe Mixon

Until now Oklahoma freshman running back Joe Mixon and his lawyer have claimed that when he assaulted a young woman outside a restaurant in July he was acting in self defense. On Thursday, police showed surveillance video of the incident to members of the media and it appeared to completely contradict that account.

The encounter between Mixon and Amelia Rae Molitor took place outside a restaurant on July 21 and according to the members of the website Sooner Scoop, Mixon seemed to be the aggressor in the video. The tape does not have audio, but the incident was allegedly started when Mixon used a homosexual slur to one of Molitor’s friends.

Eddie Radesovic of the site recounted what he saw in the video:

Mixon begins to walk away and appears to say something to the male as he starts his exit out of frame. This is when Molitor initiates the physical contact with a two handed push. Mixon barely budges, clinching both fists by his side Mixon now flinches/lunges at her. This is when Molitor strikes Mixon with an open hand across the left side of his neck.

Neither the push or the slap are significant in the least bit. What made the viewing even more uncomfortable – perhaps more than I expected – is the difference in size between Mixon and Molitor.

Following the slap across the left side of his neck (she can barely reach his face), Mixon unloads a violent right handed hook. There’s really not a nice or clean way of saying it. Molitor immediately falls to the floor from the strike, hitting her face on the edge of the table in the process. Mixon immediately bolts out of frame.

The guy that was standing there is still in view and is now joined by two other girls. They help a very, very wobbly Molitor up off the ground. She is bleeding from her nose, refusing the help being offered.

R.J. Young, also of Sooner Scoop, gave his own independent account:

When Mixon looked like he was trying to leave after possibly saying something he shouldn’t have, Molitor, the victim, initiated the physical confrontation with a push into Mixon’s chest, which didn’t seem to move him much.

Mixon followed by lunging at her. Molitor jerked back and slapped Mixon on the chin and neck. She swung with force but didn’t connect flush or enough to make an impact on Mixon.

Immediately following the slap, Mixon leveled a punch violent enough to knock Molitor down so that her head hit the corner of a nearby table. The force of Mixon’s punch caught me off guard — even when I knew it was coming.

After throwing the punch, Mixon fled from the camera’s view and did not reenter it. Molitor is left on the ground and stays down for much longer than a 10-count. She makes it back to her feet on her own but wobbles and has to be helped into a chair.

Molitor suffered several broken bones in her face, including fractures to her jaw, cheek bone, sinus and orbital bone.

Based on those accounts and the injuries Molitor sustained, it’s amazing to me that Mixon is only facing one misdemeanor assault charge. A much smaller girl barely shoved him, so he went after her in a menacing fashion and she seemingly slapped him in self-defense. He then essentially caved in her face with a punch.

It’s no wonder Oklahoma chose to suspend Mixon for the entire season after viewing the video.

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  1. 20 Responses to “Police show media video of Joe Mixon punching woman”

  2. While he looks likes a smug little $h*t, and there is no justification for punching a woman, women need to learn that is NOT acceptable for them to put their hands on a man either. Barring self defense, there is no call for a woman to strike a man. The double standard is repugnant. I am glad the team saw fit to suspend this idiot, but to portray Molitor as a sweet little shrinking violet who was sucker punched by the big, bad football player is just sensationlist journalism.

    A Woman who knows the street runs both ways

    By Chris on Sep 5, 2014

  3. I agree with Chris above. This crap goes both ways.

    By Dan on Sep 5, 2014

  4. I would like to see him try that to a man. I wish I could take that woman place. Then we could see how tuff here is. The only punishment this guy deserves is to lose his scholarship at OU and no other college to pick him up. Then this man can carry my grocery bags out to my car.

    By gorph on Sep 5, 2014

  5. He’s a coward! He needs to be punished severly for hit a woman like that and running away.

    By Anna Powers on Sep 5, 2014

  6. #1)This article does not say that she called him over initially. She did and the video shows that. It also seems to show that she spit on him. #2)He was walking AWAY and she went after him and turned it physical by pushing him. #3)He clenched his fist but did not hit her. #4) She then hit him and he very stupidly retaliated. He was out celebrating his 18th birthday. Had this happened a day before, this would be an entirely different story because he would have still been a minor. She is older, she has an arrest record already, she started it, she escalated it and she got the worst of it. Maybe she should stop her drunken brawls. OU was in a very bad position because of these factors, not because he is a good football player as everyone seems to think.

    By Les on Sep 5, 2014

  7. People need to keep their hands to themselves and this would not be an issue of whether or not he was right or wrong to hit back. I have always taught my kids if you are big enough to pass a lick you are big enough to take one. No matter if it is a girl or boy and I have boys, yes if a girl hits him he is to hit her back.

    By Octavia on Sep 5, 2014

  8. If you hit me I’m knocking the crap out of you male or female. If you don’t want to get hit don’t put your hands on another person.

    By Phill on Sep 5, 2014

  9. While he looks likes a smug little $h*t, and there is no justification for punching a woman, women need to learn that is NOT acceptable for them to put their hands on a man either. Barring self defense, there is no call for a woman to strike a man. The double standard is repugnant. I am glad the team saw fit to suspend this idiot, but to portray Molitor as a sweet little shrinking violet who was sucker punched by the big, bad football player is just sensationlist journalism.

    A Woman who knows the street runs both ways

    By Chris on Sep 5, 2014

    I agree with this ^^^^^

    By Thomas on Sep 5, 2014

  10. Les,
    The video shows that she did not, in fact, spit on him despite Mixon’s claims. They had been hanging around the same table and she called him back over to ask him a question, he then called her friend a homosexual slur and that set things off.

    For those saying she shouldn’t put her hands on him, that’s fine. But she barely even made contact with him on either occasion. Everyone who has seen the video I’ve talked to has said that she slapped him in self defense as he lunged at her.

    Anyone implying that this is her fault is, frankly, a moron. The cops have had the video for weeks now and haven’t charged her with anything. Why? Because what she did doesn’t amount to any kind of offense.

    A man should never hit a woman unless he feels like his life is threatened. It clearly wasn’t.

    By Ryan Phillips on Sep 5, 2014

  11. Anyone who is making ANY attempt to provide a backhanded justification for this moron knocking the crap out of the girl is a complete idiot. I guess I was raised differently, I was raised that there is NO justifiable reason for hitting a woman!!!!!! Perhaps if she was coming at him with a weapon it might be different. But to place any blame on her for simply striking him (by the way for what appears to be justifiable reasons)is completely wrong.

    By jtk on Sep 5, 2014

  12. The dudes a trained athlete and that woman sounds as though she was pretty small, stupid but small and the big bozo is looking for a NFL career, this will not endear him to any of the big league teams…anger management is a must when trying to make it to the top…

    By ONTIME on Sep 5, 2014

  13. What he did is wrong, however the “girl” who was hit had no right what so ever getting in his face and laying hands on him.

    By Jed on Sep 5, 2014

  14. Yea, a person (no matter who) puts their hands on me near the face, they can expect me to defend myself. I dont consider what he did as bad, really. Keep your hands to yourself, women. Stop hiding behind our societies code.

    By Ryan on Sep 6, 2014

  15. Ryan Phillips, I agree with you that a man should never hit a woman. I did not mean to say that he was justified. I am saying that a woman should not hit a man either and that his punch was likely more reactionary than anything else, not that it was okay. His punishment from the school is appropriate. I have heard differing accounts from people who saw the video. Some said her said hit the table, others said it did not. I believe that she returned to Texas immediately that night without going to an emergency room here and that the investigation has been slow because she was not here. Not sure what all is correct. And I disagree with MissyOgyny that this is a racial thing at all. This is just the horrible outcome of too much booze causing people to completely lose their self-control. Luckily nobody is dead as a result.

    By Les on Sep 6, 2014

  16. And I’m not saying the girl confronting him was acting perfectly, but it’s pretty clear that she barely pushed him and then he lunged at her and she reacted by barely slapping him in self-defense. Lunge menacingly at a woman about a foot smaller than you and see how she reacts. And his response was in no way proportional.

    Self-defense is only an acceptable defense if you follow 2 rules: 1. you have to feel your well-being is threatened (in this case it clearly wasn’t), 2. your response has to be proportional to the threat (caving a tiny girl’s face in is in no way proportional to what happened to him). That is why Mixon is clearly in the wrong. The “she started it” defense doesn’t work for me in this case and it rarely does.

    By Ryan Phillips on Sep 7, 2014

  17. Even though he took it to a whole other level, I think you have a right to defend yourself. What he should have done is walked away after she assaulted him and then called the police to press charges. Oh, wait, that would never happen. I am teaching my boys and hopefully it works, think about the consequences. When she slapped him, it probably hurt his ego that it was in front of everyone. That being said, he could have just as easily pushed her down and walked away. She didn’t deserve to be punched, but I am sure this isn’t her first incident. She had to learn the hard way you don’t just get to go around hitting people.

    By llbaby on Sep 9, 2014

  18. You want to act like a woman you’ll get treated like a woman, you want to act like a man you should get treated like a man. That’s part of the problem now a days everyone wants the same benefits of being a man, until you get that Asteroid kicked, then its look at poor me I am a woman.

    By Randy on Sep 10, 2014

  19. Does J. Mixon lose any eligibility?

    By James on Sep 19, 2014

  20. I my have lost control when she spit in my face, (HepA,B,C HIV Ebola)

    By James on Sep 19, 2014

  21. Video shows that she didn’t spit on him. Mixon and his attorney claimed that she did but video showed that it was not true.

    By Ryan Phillips on Sep 19, 2014

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