The 10 Worst Owners in Sports

August 22, 2014 – 3:26 am by Ryan Phillips
    Jerry Jones 1

Now that Donald Sterling has finally been removed as the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, we can finally take him off all the lists of the worst owners in sports. In fact, over the past few years, many of the long-time top contenders have left.

Thanks to those departures, it’s time to re-rank the worst owners/ownership groups in all of sports. And with Sterling gone there is going to be a change at the top.

Sit back and enjoy our list of sports ownership futility.

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  1. 26 Responses to “The 10 Worst Owners in Sports”

  2. Wait…no Atlanta Spirit (Mike Gearon and Bruce Levenson)??? The owners whose Atlanta Hawks are the definition of a #6 seed of a playoff team? The owners who ran an NHL team into the ground, sold the team and blamed the fans for not showing up???

    By Wayne on Aug 22, 2014

  3. This list is complete B.S. How can you not include the Monfort brothers (Rockies)?

    By Houshmazode on Aug 22, 2014

  4. How can the Monfort Family (Colorado Rockies) not be on the list?

    By Dan on Aug 22, 2014

  5. NickelBack does not write Shitty Music, in fact they are the ACDC of today, except that they write HIT SONGS. Your taste in music must either be Country or Barbie Theme songs for Transgenders.

    By Terrence Healy on Aug 22, 2014

  6. What about Dan “The Douche” Gilbert ? Oh yeah, Lebron forgave him, so now he is okay. Wait ?

    By H Glen on Aug 22, 2014

  7. I am with Dan, the Monforts are the worst owners in baseball, thank God for the Broncos because the Rockies stink and they will stink until these morons either fire the GM or sell the team.

    By Rick on Aug 22, 2014

  8. You left of Jim Buss who also got the team as his dad passed away and look where the Lakers are headed! Dr. Buss I hope you R.I.P. We won’t!

    By Christopher on Aug 23, 2014

  9. How the hell is Bob Nutting(Pittsburgh Pirates) not on this list ???

    By David on Aug 23, 2014

  10. Jeffrey Loria is the worst of them all.

    By David Rodriguez on Aug 23, 2014

  11. You forgot that douche bag liar/owner of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

    By Gary on Aug 23, 2014

  12. What a BS and politically correct list.

    Snyder is awful, but of course he’s first b/c of the stupid and desperate attempt by the liberal media to convince everyone that the Redskins name is racist.

    Also, how is the Phillies ownership group, with Dave Montgomery at its head, not on this list? They’ve destroyed two possible dynasties – one when they bought the team in ’81 after the ’80 WS and one in the past few years. And watch them keep Amaro another year.

    By Jack on Aug 23, 2014

  13. Jerry Jones should be #1 because of his #1 ego.

    By GB on Aug 23, 2014

  14. And any one of them is still better than Obama.

    By Jerry on Aug 23, 2014

  15. the parasite oil man from oklahoma that moved the sonics, and worse the liar Shultz, Howard….former owner, leader of Starbukcs who knew damn well the team would be moved…..

    But howard isn’t really from Seattle….

    By sonofsam on Aug 23, 2014

  16. Jack,
    Snyder being first has almost nothing to do with the name of his football team. Name one good move he’s made since he took over the franchise. No, it’s OK, I’ll wait. This site is the opposite of politically correct and we unanimously agreed that Snyder was No. 1.

    The Phillies won a World Series in 2008. That gave Montgomery some breathing room.

    The Monforts were considered, but the Rockies have been largely competitive for the past decade and even made a World Series.

    Clay Bennett was also considered, but the Thunder are one of the best teams in basketball. While Seattle hates him (rightfully so in my opinion) he’s made good moves for his fans in OKC.

    Bob Nutting was of course considered, but the Pirates have drafted really well and actually spent some money over the past five years or so, which put him in the “others receiving votes” category.

    By Ryan Phillips on Aug 24, 2014

  17. How did the Wilpons and Katz not make the list?

    By Michael on Aug 24, 2014

  18. Not sure why Bob Nutting (Pirates) was called out in the comments. His predecessor, Kevin McClatchy is the guy who never had a winning season during almost 20 years of ownership. Nutting got rid of McClatchy’s idiot GM, invested in the minor league system and now has the team on pace for its second winning season in a row.

    By Jay on Aug 24, 2014

  19. You forgot to add the owners of the Colorado Rockies – the Monfort brothers to your list of the top ten worst owners of all time! Like the true cattle barons they are – they sell their players for cash. Then when we have a dismal season, they blame the teams failures on the coaches.

    By Christine on Aug 24, 2014

  20. what about the Gilette family who couldn’t make a go of it with either the Montreal Canadians or Manchester United.

    By tcidda on Aug 24, 2014

  21. Hello??? Hello??? Anybody out there? How about Peter Angelos ( Orioles)? For years he refused to spend money on free agents and kept Washington from getting a team. O’s seem to be making the right baseball decisions in recent years but he is still trying to control the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network ( MASN) which also broadcasts the Nats games. This guy is a bad owner.

    By Don on Aug 24, 2014

  22. Hello? Norm Greene? Took the Northstars to Dallas of all places. He’s why Minnesotans don’t care if they go to hell when they die. Norm is already there and anybody that ever laced them up in Minnesota has a score to settle.

    By randy mieras on Aug 24, 2014

  23. Don,
    Angelos would have been No. 11 or 12 if we had room.

    This was the 10 worst current owners in sports. Tom Gaglardi is the owner of the Stars now, besides they’ve done well in Dallas no matter how much fans in Minnesota hate Norm Green.

    By Ryan Phillips on Aug 24, 2014

  24. How does Jimmy Haslem not make this list? When spending all of his family money wasn’t enough he started stealing from his customers to pay for the Cleveland Browns. Does he have to wait until he is in jail to make the list? Has he made any good decisions since becoming an owner-no. I wonder if he contributed money for LeBron’s salary just so the people of Cleveland would concentrate on basketball and not notice what a loser he is.

    By marie kahn on Aug 24, 2014

  25. Marie,
    It was really hard to leave Haslam off this list. Like, REALLY hard. We definitely had a lengthy discussion about including him but ultimately had to put him in the “others receiving votes” category.

    That should tell you how bad the guys ahead of him are.

    By Ryan Phillips on Aug 25, 2014

  26. My trip to Denver this weekend, in addition to the comments on here, has really opened my eyes to how much people hate the Monfort brothers. I mean, they are LOATHED out there. That appears to be one of the most toxic fan-owner relationships around that people who don’t follow the Rockies closely don’t realize.

    By Hickey on Aug 27, 2014

  27. The Monforts who own the Colorado Rockies need to be on lists like this! Without mention in “expert” blog lists we are never going to get rid of them. I mean the Royals are going to make the playoffs; The Monforts are going to trade the best SS in Baseball for a middle reliever with a 5.43 ERA and seriously expect that pitcher to improve at Coors. Seriously, not even a mention on this list? Read your comment section.

    By Kyle on Sep 5, 2014

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