Minor league GM offers to get in-game prostate exam

July 21, 2014 – 1:26 am by Hickey

myrtle beach

We’re pretty sure Harry Caray never did it quite like this.

General manager Andy Milovich of the Class-A Myrtle Beach Pelicans has offered to receive a prostate exam while singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” for an upcoming game. Perhaps we need to explain this a little more in detail. Well, not too much detail. We’re talking context-type details.

Milovich made the deal that he would get the exam during Thursday’s game if the Facebook page of 10-year-old cancer patient Fallon Emery reached 10,000 “Likes” from fans (or opposing fans) by noon EST this Thursday. It appears fans have been using their fingers to do just that — as of midnight on Monday (or Sunday depending on how you define midnight) Fallon’s page had received 8,397 likes.

Unless a team is particularly awful, there’s probably not a mass appeal to watching the general manager have a doctor shoving a finger up his butt and call it macaroni. But Milovich assured ESPN’s Darren Rovell things wouldn’t get too weird.

“It’s not like I would be getting it at home plate,” he told Rovell. “I’ll likely do it from the radio booth and the fans will see me from the shoulder up.”

Apparently Rovell did not ask about where the color commentator would be seeing Milovich from.

If Milovich needs practice singing from that position — and we’re going to assume he does –may we suggest watching the following clip for inspiration:


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