That time Latrell Sprewell threatened to kick my ass if I didn’t delete a photo of him

June 24, 2014 – 3:57 am by Ryan Phillips
    Latrell Sprewell

Those who know me well know that this is my final week living in Milwaukee, which is a very sad thing. Apparently Milwaukee native Latrell Sprewell won’t be as upset as others to see me go.

On Monday night I was out at the bar Rogue’s with several friends when I spotted Sprewell and his faded blonde dreadlocks hanging out across the way from me. Being the sports journalist I am, I recognized him and snapped a photo of him talking up the ladies that were surrounding him. As I was preparing to text the picture to a friend, a shadow enveloped my phone. I looked up to see a 6-6 man with said faded blonde dreadlocks standing over me saying “delete that sh*t” repeatedly.

I told him that I was just a fan (not really) who had snapped a photo of him but if he didn’t want it publicized that wasn’t a problem. I had really only planned on texting the photo to one friend, because who gives a sh*t about Latrell Sprewell these days? He then repeated himself about 12 times saying “delete that sh*t,” “I’ll beat yo’ ass” and “you got no right,” over and over. As a journalist who took J300 (journalism law) at Indiana University as an undergrad, I’m actually familiar with my rights. Nowhere in the dozens of privacy laws we have does it say I can’t take a photograph of someone who is out at a bar hitting on women.

At that point I showed Mr. Sprewell my phone and hit “cancel” on my potential text. Apparently he’s oblivious to the laws that govern modern iPhone technology because he believed that was that. Then, for good measure, he said “f*ck you man, seriously. Motherf*cker out and and has to deal with you.” He then pointed a finger in my face and again said “I’ll beat yo’ ass.” Then he walked away.

That’s when I deemed his wrath unnecessary. After all, I could have been a big fan (I’m not) overwhelmed to see my favorite player (he isn’t) out among us plebes for a drink (no one would be that fired up to see Sprewell these days) and snapped a photo. He could have handled himself much better. That’s when I decided to post it.

It’s not a particularly good picture or anything and I legitimately only wanted to send it to my friend who has claimed that Sprewell is always out trolling for women in Milwaukee during the week. This was my first such encounter with him but when he acted like a jerk I decided not to acquiesce to his demands. Plus, I kind of rooted for P.J. Carlesimo’s teams at Seton Hall and Sprewell choked the ever-loving crap out of him. And he’s also apparently that pain-in-the-ass neighbor who plays loud music all the time, and we all hate that guy.

The rest of the night Sprewell was drinking some form of canned beer and palming the ass of every female who walked within five feet of him (whether they invited it or not). It was basically everything you would expect of a guy with Sprewell’s reputation. So enjoy the above photo.

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  1. 34 Responses to “That time Latrell Sprewell threatened to kick my ass if I didn’t delete a photo of him”

  2. Man, now I’m gonna need to step up my nights out on the MKE bar scene. I’d love for this has-been to try and start something like that.

    By Scott on Jun 24, 2014

  3. Awesome!

    By Kurt Crowley on Jun 24, 2014

  4. Man Sprewell is a chump for acting like that. Eff him, glad you posted a picture of his ugly mug

    By Chip Fu on Jun 24, 2014

  5. personally i think you are a loser. why take the picture? cause you are a bum. I can’t wait until someone harasses you then you’ll understand.
    PJ Carlesimo? I am glad he choked him. Coaches think they can do what ever, say what ever. That Rutger situations happens regularly. That is the only one with video though. you are a coward

    By james franklin on Jun 24, 2014

  6. franklin – damn, what a dick, I hope somebody chokes you out

    By david sheets on Jun 24, 2014

  7. Haha, OK James. He was out in public, with a large group of people at a bar. I took a picture to send to one friend and then he repeatedly threatened me, so I posted it. It’s not like he was out with his family in a private moment with any reasonable expectation of privacy.

    By Ryan Phillips on Jun 24, 2014

  8. It makes me wonder if he thought you were a PI. Wouldn’t surprise me if he has PI’s hired by wife or baby mamas or whatever trying to catch him up. Much more likely than papparazi following him. And this from a guy that still has a GSW Sprewell jersey in his closet.

    By Mike on Jun 24, 2014

  9. As a Timberwolves fan, I still remember when he turned down a 3-year $7M per year offer because “I need to feed my family” thinking he was worth significantly more than that.

    He never played in the NBA again. What a douche.

    By Don on Jun 24, 2014

  10. Never understood why people take pictures of complete strangers.

    By John on Jun 24, 2014

  11. Don’t you think it’s a bit pathetic that you were snapping pictures of him like a teenage girl at a bar?

    While his reaction was completely inappropriate, you might want to consider how it would feel to have a complete stranger taking your photo.

    The fact that you wrote an article about it just makes me sad for you. What was the intent? How is this newsworthy? Why would you ever want to dedicate your life to writing material like this?

    I bet there was the Indiana journalism student in you aspired to create work that is more meaningful than this. Think back to your original career goals and respect yourself a little more than this.

    By Jeff M on Jun 25, 2014

  12. Jeff,
    I snapped a picture to send to one friend who has had run-ins with Sprewell over the years (many of them unpleasant). I didn’t take the picture with the intent to write anything about it because Latrell Sprewell being at a bar and grabbing every woman that walked within five feet of him isn’t exactly newsworthy. Like I said, who cares about Latrell Sprewell these days? I took the picture to send to a friend as a joke.

    I only wrote about it because of the way he acted and the fact that he threatened me while I was laughing about it because, seriously, you’re going to kick someone’s ass for taking a picture in a public place? Had he asked me politely to delete the photo I absolutely would have, because who cares? It wasn’t a big deal.

    His actions prompted me to write about it because I thought the whole incident was hilarious.

    By Ryan Phillips on Jun 25, 2014

  13. Hey fuck you. I wish spree would have choked you like he chokes his bitches mid-coitus. You’re a good for nothing muskrat with an iq in the negatives

    By ballin e' on Jun 25, 2014

  14. Ryan,

    First of all I wanted to say I don’t mind you taking the pic of Spre, I would have taken one also. I also would have been upset to have him approach me and act like that. Having said that, don’t you dare disrespect him. Who cares about Sprewell? A lot of people, especially NYers. He was a fan favorite and played his ass off. Those girls should be begging for him to grab their ass. so don’t be hating on him being out to pick up some girls, while ur trying to cockblock.

    Perhaps it was something about your demeanor that made sprewell hate you. I don’t know u, but u seem like a huge bitch. Like the kind of guy who would call the cops on parties because you didn’t get invited. And you probably have a small dick. Anyways, point is don’t hate on sprewell, appreciate talent when you see it, and kill yourself when you get a chance.

    By joey d on Jun 25, 2014

  15. Hey bitch! I told you to delete that sh*t. Now I’m gotta find you and beat yo ass!

    By Latrell on Jun 26, 2014

  16. Just for the record, Don. Spreewell had turned down a 3 yr 21 million dollar contract and not 3 yr 7 mil stating that, “I need to feed my family.”

    By Shaka on Jun 26, 2014

  17. guess he forgot he need too feed hes kids? waistin time on LaSmell Spreeatch, hasbeen piece a broke garbage cant neven aford no mo cheap champane? he asociation biggess joke. ultimate choker not even won ring. goggle LaSmell it say loser then goggle loser it had piture LaSmell. anybody been lookin for LaSmell know where too find-MKE clubs hittin up hes nother babie mamma who kids he forget he gotta feed.

    By LaSmell's babie mamma on Jun 26, 2014

  18. You’re a chump for even snapping the picture and not deleting it. Yeah he handled it wrong but you coming here and posting it makes you an attention seeking loser. Pathetic. You’re no different than the scourge that are the papparazzi.

    By Pete on Jun 26, 2014

  19. Honestly it was a messed up thing to do to him. His reaction was most likely due to the fact he knew it would cause him grief if it got out.

    He was right about that. I just ended a over a decade long relationship with him because of this. It was the last straw for me.

    Congrats on meddling with people’s personal lives.

    You may have had the right to do it, but that doesn’t mean it was right of you to do it.

    By Skippy on Jun 27, 2014

  20. Journalism laws or no, what you did was tacky and rude. He has every right to get angry, especially considering that you were having fun at his expense and probably had it written all over your face. You didn’t take the shot for journalistic reasons and you posted this story as a sad form of revenge. Well now you have it, you put one of the most pathetic players in NBA history back into the news cycle so everyone could have one last go at him.

    Next time you see someone in public whose picture you wish to take, do the right thing; walk over to them, introduce yourself, ask permission, and if they say no, walk away. Taking people’s pictures without their consent is an invasion of their personal space. You wouldn’t feel wholesome if you were just snapping pictures of drunk girls, would you? Treat people with respect and I guarantee that won’t threaten to ‘beat your *ss”.

    By MadTown Hoops on Jun 29, 2014

  21. lmao you almost got Carlesimo’d for that pic.
    This story made me laugh out loud literally.
    We all know Spreewell ain’t one for games even years after the incident.

    By JT on Jul 2, 2014

  22. Hey Ryan Phillips, was this actually June of this year? Do u have a photo of his *blonde* dreadlocks? I searched his address and said he moved to Florida. Guess not. Where in Milwaukee do u suppose he’s livin? Not Pleasant Street obviously.
    So he’s still active in basketball this year, I just came across this.

    By Eric on Jul 23, 2014

  23. No idea where he is living. His dreads are blonde but were faded the night I saw him.

    By Ryan Phillips on Jul 24, 2014

  24. What a loser, the guy who snapped the picture I mean. How would you feel if someone took a photo of you in public “as a joke” and when asked to delete they stated they had done so and then proceeded to post it on the internet? It’s such obnoxious behavior, you should feel ashamed for yourself regardless of who the person in the photo is or how they reacted.

    I suppose a few, what, hundred thousand clicks to your website are significantly better than having a bit of respect for yourself and others though.

    By Respect on Jul 26, 2014

  25. Sprewell seems like a psycho asshole, but honestly Ryan you are a fucking douchebag, not too far off from him (except you haven’t accomplished shit). Seriously, you are a fucking worthless jackass. You’re taking pictures of a guy who clearly has a history of anger management issues, now you’re acting like a little bitch and gossiping about this guy online. Fucking Christ you’re an asshole, too bad you have no idea what a douche you are. Ironic that you like to look down at losers like Sprewell when you’re just as big of an asshole.

    By Ryan Phillips is a Douche on Oct 31, 2014

  26. I have to agree, this is an article written by a guy whose job it is to report on other people and events and saw the chance to get a story. Ok, you got some attention, but you actually made yourself seem smaller than you obviously were attempting to make Mr. Sprewell out to be.

    By MilwaukeeesBestNga on Nov 4, 2014

  27. When people who think Sprewell is a douchebag think you are an even worse douchebag, it may be time to re-evaluate how you are approaching life.

    By MilwaukeeesBestNga on Nov 4, 2014

  28. I once met Latrell at a Pre-Season game. I waved to him just to say hi. He came over and I was dumb founded and star struck. He asked me” What’d you call me for, an autograph right ?” I was like “nah man, I just was saying hi.. thats all.” He goes Oh ok, Whats your name man ? I say umm Ruben.. He calls no one else but Alan Houston and goes meet Alan. Turns to Alan and goes hes just a fan wanted to say hi and Alan smiles says hello and walks away. He goes go get a pen and paper, Ill sign an autograph if ya make it quick. He signed a few autographs for some kids but I didnt want to bother him. Point is He was classy and not this big bad person everyone makes him out to be. IDK … Maybe he was drunk. Maybe he was having a bad day. All of us do. But he showed class when he didnt have to at all. Fan 4 Life !!

    By Ruben M on Dec 29, 2014

  29. Looks like Spree still has his temper. But the guy wants his privacy and he shouldn’t have to have losers like you taking photos of him without his consent. The fact that you lied about deleting it and wrote an article about it shows what a low-life you are.

    By Frankie Oz on Feb 25, 2015

  30. I remember when Latrel hit those nine 3 pointers in a row. man that was sweet. and that playoff against the Pacers. But He is one of the dumbest, angriest, blowing through a hundred million dollarsiest ex pro athletes ive ever seen. He made his bed.. let him sleep.

    By SallyStruthers on Dec 13, 2015

  31. Full-disclosure: I “dated” (using the term loosely) Latrell on and off for about 18 months.

    He’s not as big of a jerk as most people think. He’s just not emotionally developed enough to deal with what has happened to him in his troubled life. He’s actually very supportive of friends and family and very, very shy and private.

    He does a lot of dumb things–like going out far more than any introvert should, then getting upset with the prying eyes of people like the guy who took this photo.

    Latrell also does hit on any attractive woman, and sadly, some like me fall for it for a while when he says that they are just friends. I was a fool and tried to fix him, but he is not fixable.

    Last I know, he was “dating” a tall blond doctor, but probably five other girls at the same time, too, because that’s who he is. That’s who he was with me, and Latrell is not changing.

    By Victim 3,492 on Dec 26, 2015

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