Golden State Warriors still pursuing Steve Kerr

May 13, 2014 – 9:52 pm by Ryan Phillips
    Steve Kerr

Despite reports that he was close to an agreement to become the next head coach of the New York Knicks, the Golden State Warriors have not given up on their pursuit of Steve Kerr. After news broke that Stan Van Gundy had taken the head job with the Detroit Pistons, the Warriors are now focused on Kerr again.

Word has surfaced that Golden State plans to re-engage Kerr in negotiations for their job. A source told ESPN that the franchise was gearing up to make another run at the 48-year-old. On Tuesday Kerr was in Oklahoma City calling Game 5 of the Thunder-Los Angeles Clippers series. Golden State management was reportedly going to travel to Oklahoma City to pursue him.

The negotiations between Kerr and the Knicks have seemed to be in the final stages for more than a week now, but a deal hasn’t gotten done. Reports suggest that both Kerr and Knicks president Phil Jackson have been busy with other things and that there is essentially a tacit agreement in place. But we all know nothing is done until a contract is signed.

The Warriors know the Knicks have the upper-hand at the moment, but Golden State knows it has the talent advantage by far. The Warriors’ roster is certainly far better constructed to make a run at a title than New York’s.

But the X-factor here will likely be Jackson. He and Kerr have remained close after they won three NBA titles┬átogether in Chicago and Jackson is the one pushing the hardest for Kerr to get the Knicks job. You’ve got to think if Jackson really wants Kerr badly, he’ll be able to get his man.

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