Report: Magic Johnson wants to buy Clippers from Sterling

April 28, 2014 – 4:36 am by Ryan Phillips
    Magic Johnson

With the allegations of racism against Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling still pouring out, the NBA faces a real crisis. New commissioner Adam Silver needs to act quickly, but what, exactly he can do under league rules is still unclear. But the best possible avenue may have emerged, as Magic Johnson has let it be known that he wants to buy the Clippers.

According to Yahoo!’s Adrian Wojnarowski Johnson and his billionaire backers, the Guggenheim Partners, are interested in purchasing the team. If the NBA wants to bail itself out of this crisis, the league should do all it can to facilitate a sale to someone with a far better public reputation. No one is more popular, or widely respected in NBA circles than Magic Johnson.

For years the NBA has essentially enabled Sterling despite repeated accusations of racism and his horrendous ownership record with the Clippers. In fact, without David Stern vetoing the Chris Paul trade to the Lakers, there is no reason to believe the franchise would have turned things around under Sterling’s leadership. That veto and Paul’s subsequent trade to the Clippers made the team a contender. But it took Stern essentially gift-wrapping Paul to the Clippers for it to happen.

Johnson and Guggenheim Partners already own the Los Angeles Dodgers and the group wants to start a sports empire in Southern California. Magic and company already made it known they wanted to buy the Lakers, but the Buss family has been clear that the franchise isn’t for sale. Because this would be a business decision, I have a hard time seeing Johnson shy away from buying the Clippers simply because he spent his entire career with the Lakers.

As things stand now, Sterling will almost surely never be allowed to attend another NBA game. The league simply can’t have him as a representative, especially in one of its biggest markets. Owners around the league now want him out. They don’t want a bigot as part of their fraternity because it makes the rest of them look bad by association.

Silver will be pushed to make a swift, decisive ruling once those vile tapes are authenticated, which they surely will be. At that point he’ll have to decide how he wants his tenure as commissioner to begin. He can do something quietly and usher Sterling to the side while still allowing him to own his team. Or he can make a declarative statement that this kind of behavior will not be tolerated, and should not have been accepted for more than two decades.

Sterling is a disgusting human being who should not be allowed to own an NBA franchise. Luckily for the NBA, the perfect owner appears to be waiting for his chance to buy the team.

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  1. 56 Responses to “Report: Magic Johnson wants to buy Clippers from Sterling”

  2. Clearly this was Magic paying off that chick because he has been wanting to own the Clippers for years. Yes, womanizing, unfaithful Magic Johnson. Sexist Magic Johnson.

    By Joe on Apr 28, 2014

  3. Joe, that is such an ignorant comment. Turn it around on Magic Johnson because Sterling is an idiot.. HAHA

    By Ms. Ward on Apr 28, 2014

  4. Does Magic Johnson have a conflict of interest with his involvement of V. Stiviano prior girlfriend of Donald Sterling. It appears Magic Johnson had a relationship with V. Stiviano and someone had a motive for this bad publicity to come out besides V. Stiviano. Perhaps Magic Johnson driving the price down of the Clippers and dis crediting the current owner thru contrived media manipulation.

    By dcpost on Apr 28, 2014

  5. 1. How did the recording get to be recorded
    2. By whom
    3. For what motive
    If the recording is authentic we would need to know
    4. What Sterling meant by his remarks.
    As a black person, sometimes I don’t want noisy black people who are misbehaved showing up at my functions. That doesn’t make me a racist. So we need to understand what he meant.

    Overall, I sense a “gotcha” set up.

    By Dale on Apr 28, 2014

  6. Was there a Scheme to topple Sterling, maybe or maybe not. Regardless of it, he let himself be taken for bad. Face it, he has more money than probably time. He can do something else while shaping his image; like joining a convent.

    By realangel on Apr 28, 2014

  7. If Magic buys the Clippers, I will hate him and the franchise forever. Idgaf that he got our franchise 5 titles as a player. Him buying the Clippers to me is the same thing as him buying the Celtics. I hate both and want nothing to do with either. Thank God Im not a dodger fan.

    Hey Dale, the recording were recorded by Sterling’s gf (yes, he has a wife, and yes the entire world knows he has a gf on the side). the recordings were Sterling’s idea cuz he doesn’t remember his convos, so he records them all.

    By TTKIN on Apr 28, 2014

  8. If anyone knows anything about Sterling’s history, it’s pretty damn obvious this wasn’t a setup. The guy has been a racist for a long, long time. Johnson doesn’t have a prior relationship with V. Stiviano, she stopped him at a game and took a picture with him, that’s all.

    Johnson has wanted to own the Lakers for a long time and would be willing to buy the Clippers.

    Stiviano recorded their conversations, she says Sterling asked her to because he would often forget what they talked about and it would help him remember.

    What did Sterling mean by his remarks? It’s pretty hard to interpret them any other way that someone who has serious issues with race.

    By Ryan Phillips on Apr 28, 2014

  9. and now we know the motivation behind the girlfriend making/releasing this tape…

    By otakuryoga on Apr 28, 2014

  10. @Dale, I think you are missing the points and to rebut yours

    1. “How did the recording get to be recorded” Who cares how the recording came to be. A co- worker of mine wife recently divorced him because her sister had her friend seduce him and record it. Dirty play maybe; but the fact is that he cheated on his wife and now will now must suffer the consequences.

    2. “By whom” Doesn’t matter even if it was his estranged wife , a family member,a business associate or a person with a vendetta. He said what he said because that’s who he is.

    3.”For what motive” Doesn’t matter. Maybe in a criminal since. But no one is saying he is a criminal just a racist bigot that has been exposed again.

    4. “If the recording is authentic we would need to know” True but you would think his estranged wife of 50 years would know if that was her husband and based on her public statement she seems to have no doubt that it is him, add that to the fact that he hasn’t denied that it’s him. Only some mumble jumble by the clippers about the possibility of it being doctored
    5.”What Sterling meant by his remarks” Let me put it in simple terms. ” I don’t mind you being with black people, you can sleep with all you want, just don’t let the public see you doing it and embarrass me.”Sounds like the slave masters sleeping with the black slave women in the still of the night but publically calling them nigger bitches

    5.”As a black person, sometimes I don’t want noisy black people who are misbehaved showing up at my functions. That doesn’t make me a racist.” News to You. IMO it makes you worst. assuming that you would not have a problem with noisy misbehaving white people showing up at your functions. In fact it makes you even worst; of course IMO.

    By chris on Apr 28, 2014

  11. It amazes me that people will find any excuse to dismiss racist and hatred. Did Magic force that idiot to say those things? No, so how can anyone think Magic set him up. Maybe you should examine yourself.

    By sito on Apr 28, 2014

  12. I’m all for anyone buying the Clippers as long as they move them to Orange County to play at the Honda Center.

    By roscoesbarn on Apr 28, 2014

  13. I can’t belive we have people out there looking at a motive for buying a team instead of evaluating the comment that was said. Forget about Magic buying the team. The NBA or any league has no place for racism. It is about time that we as a people not look at each others skin color but to look at the character we display as a perso. Mr. Sterling is not going to change, but we can and maybe people like that will died out. Americans must unite and stop letting ignorance live.

    By Tony on Apr 28, 2014

  14. It doesn’t matter, how the recording got to be recorded. The main issue is that no human being like Sterling make such comments, when in fact he has slept with a black/brown woman. What a hypocrite. I believe that the society needs to weed the many Sterlings all over the world out of public places. They are not needed in this 21st century world.

    By jdoe on Apr 28, 2014

  15. For those who feel the compulsion to defend this well-known bigot let me say, there is never justification for racist remarks, aka racism. Loud and ignorant people come in all colors. No, what happened here is that this fool was so sure his money would continue to protect him to do and say whatever he wants whenever he wants with no consequences. However, there is a day of reckoning for everyone who thinks he is above the laws of humanity. How sad that some people would rather remain in a state of ignorance than face the truth, aka Ignorance is bliss!

    By Baseline_11 on Apr 28, 2014

  16. OK. Slow down everybody. The NAACP was about to give Sterling an award for supporting the black community. Now this?????? Something stinks. Sterling is an old guy. He was brought up differently from what we now consider to be the “correct way”. Sure, he is way out of step with the times, but please give him the benefit of the doubt. The NAACP couldn’t have gotten it that far wrong when they were going to honor him for is support of minorities, right? — TBK

    By TBK on Apr 28, 2014

  17. I find it hard to believe that his wife claims that she does not share the same views of her husband. She has been married to him for over fifty years. Either she’s just outright dumb and spent the past 50 years with her head stuck in the sands of denial, or she’s just a lying money- loving, racist slut.

    By Donald on Apr 28, 2014

  18. we as americans especially black need to be careful who we hold to the fire financially because of what they say when the poop starts rolling we know who is waiting at the bottom un knowing whats about to come down WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO FREEDOM OF SPEECH and I’m black whats new this is America the racist

    By Rawdawg on Apr 28, 2014

  19. Sterling is bad for business so he must go. Magic can do no wrong in the eyes of many no matter what his past indiscretions may be. His name brand is still good and that’s all that counts in the world of media and mass marketing.

    It is what it is.

    By Steve L on Apr 28, 2014

  20. The NBA led by Stern should have seen this coming, but Stern stuck his arrogant head in the sand and now he has bailed and let the new Commiss.. left with the dirty work. Sterling has to be banished from the league and be forced to sell his financial interest in the team. As far as that NCAAP award he was scheduled to get, it was not by his work, but was strictly related to a large financial contribution he made. So not only did the NCAAP in LA stop the award, they also gave back the money Sterling had given.

    By Jim L on Apr 28, 2014

  21. Mike O, ignorance is bliss sweetie! SMH! Its a damn fool everywhere you go! Some of these comments are ridiculous. Set up or not, he spoke how he felt. You can only hide who you are for so long! Everything from how you feel to what your actions display, if it is done in secret, you can bet your ass time will reveal the truth about who you are! However it was done, his time came! Its a shame how ppl are still stuck back in time! One thing about it and two things for sure, no one has to put up with such foolery and ignorance of another! I don’t give a rats ass who you are, what color your are, what your nationality is, how much power you possess, and how much money you have………NO ONE HAS TO TOLERATE THIS BEHAVIOR! #TAKE A STAND FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS!

    By T on Apr 28, 2014

  22. news flash the year is two thousand twenty.

    Magic Johnson buys Lakers from Phil Jackson after he married Jeanie, Jim Busse is voted the worst owner in the league, Magic takes is LA Clippers to there 3rd title. Dodgers win 3rd world series in a row and LA still has no NFL team

    Sterling who??

    By alan k on Apr 28, 2014

  23. I deleted a few of the comments because, frankly, some were getting really offensive. So if you no longer see the comment you were replying to, that’s why.

    And Sterling was getting an NAACP award because of money donated to various charities. As with many wealthy people, Sterling gave heavily to charity to avoid certain tax burdens. Not saying the wealthy don’t care about the causes they donate to, but there are other motivations as well.

    By Ryan Phillips on Apr 28, 2014

  24. Some of the statements made against Sterling are far worse than the despicable comments he made…………what is worse a prejudiced black person ranting on a white bigot…. or a white bigot ranting on a black person.?

    By Hill-Billy on Apr 28, 2014

  25. Chris’s 5 bullets is spot on.His analysis is correct. The woman who recorded however, appears to have released the recordings for her own benefit; possibly because Sterling had stopped his lavish gifts to her. Sterling needs to sell the organization and go hide somewhere. If Magic has the money and gets a winning bid he should be allowed to buy the Team. It will be better for basketball and all Sports for Sterling’s early departure, rather than a protracted Legal battle on severe sanctions. SELL you Hater!!

    By Ray M on Apr 28, 2014

  26. Going from a racist to a cheater. Both are no good in my opinion. Can’t they find someone decent to buy the team?

    By Scotty on Apr 28, 2014

  27. So Magic Johnson, womanizer, AIDS carrier, had “a different woman in every NBA town” is now giving out moral scoldings? This is rich…

    By Phil8 on Apr 28, 2014

  28. Whether you agree or not, this man has the right to his racist opinion. If you don’t agree, don’t go to the games, don’t play for the team, do buy tickets, don’t watch the games on tv. That is your right, just as it is his right to feel the way he feels about HIS team. This is still America. Racists have rights as well. If you force him to conform, then you are treading on his freedoms. People are racist, sexist, and many more horrible things… Not just whites… Who cares.. Deal with it.

    By Fred on Apr 28, 2014

  29. Racism is something that should not be tolerated! Everyone has their right to their own opininion but when it affects the team, the fans and the players that are keeping him rich, then it’s time for a new owner. It becomes a problem when his racist remarks are very clear and said on more than one occassion. I’m sure most of the people on here that are siding with his ridiculous remarks are just as ignorant and racist as he.

    By Tay on Apr 28, 2014

  30. @TTKIN Why will you hate Magic if he buys the Clippers just because you’re a Lakers fan? Do Bulls fans hate Jordan because he played for and part/owned the Wizards and now the Charlotte Kittycats/Hornets? If you’re really a Lakers fan, you can’t hate Magic.

    By Erik on Apr 29, 2014

  31. Magic if you buy the Clips PLEASE take me to a
    game. This 70-year old white woman would be
    more than proud to be seen on your arm! I’ll even do an Instagram (if I knew what it was).

    By Miss Fatcat on Apr 29, 2014

  32. Its time to stop all the racist and learn that it don’t matter what color we are . we are all the same and people need to stop the racist. Ihe grand kids don’t need to have this in there life. and that something that kids today are not going to put up with. love everyone.

    By dronna poole on Apr 29, 2014

  33. Sterling is terrible, the only way he can save a little face is to sell the team to Chris Hansen. SUPERSONICS!!!

    By Nordberg on Apr 29, 2014

  34. A lot of POS bigots commenting and condoning racism….not surprising. You ppl are incredibly stupid yet think you’re intelligent. The irony. Racism and brilliance are polar opposites puke sacs. Dummies make stupid comments about Magic being a cheater and shouldn’t own a team because of that is pure stupidty due to the fact that I’m more than sure he wouldn’t be in small company. However being a racist is bad for business. Only backwards pig smelling red necks think differently.

    By Rece on Apr 29, 2014

  35. TO PHIL8, YOUR’RE AN IDIOT. MAGIC MAY BE MANY THINGS BUT HE DOES NOT HAVE AIDS.It goes to show how much you know about AIDS and HIV.Ignorance is bliss

    By PROS on Apr 29, 2014

  36. Whats Sterling going to do, go to an NBA game with latex prosthetics to hide his identity. He got caught just like when he was fined for his prejudice in the real estate business he owned. Michael Jordan owns the Bobcats, its time for Magic and his rich friends to step in after all 70%, of the players are black. Who cares. We the true fans cheer for the winner no matter what color they are, black, latino, asian, white, just hit those three pointers we will cheer.

    By rick hertzon on Apr 29, 2014

  37. To me Mr Sterlings comments is old news. Instead of hating on him I’d liked to pat him on his back and thank him for bringing to light what many of his persuasion say is just whining by the acquisition American. As long as the rich and powerful do what they feel is protecting their investments and associations things can seem racist. Mr Sterlings actions speaks louder than some of his words, while getting richer himself he’s contributed to quite a few Acquisition Americans getting rich in the process. This is just an NBA problem. LAW makers of the land should now Stand and make moves to change this BLANKET TREATMENT.

    By Will on Apr 29, 2014

  38. I shutter at the comments posted. Here’s a news flash: “Racism isn’t new!” Sterling is entitled to his opinion and if that’s racist; so be it. The interesting part of this thread is that every single post could be considered racist or at the very least intolorable. Since when is anyone not allowed to speak his/her mind, especially in a private conversation. I bet everyone of you have made polarizing comments about race, gender, or age. At the very least, you’ve listened to off-color jokes. Unfortunately, we will never rid our country of racism. The very least we can do is acknowledge it, have unrecorded civil conversations, and embrace equality but even then we won’t eradicate racism.

    By HC on Apr 29, 2014

  39. Who care what Sterling said. He said it in private, and to my knowledge our U.S. Constitution allows for free speech. After all what he did say about the players is corrent, he pays them very well, probably too, too, too much, so that they can buy houses, clothes, etc. Where else can a “black” person earn so much money. Most of the players in sports basterdize the English language, so you know that whatever college education they got, wasn’t really a good education. Also the scholarhips of these so called athletes is totally out of place…most couldn’t think themselves out of a basket, but because then are good at sports, they are provided special privileges, and then go on to earn millions of dollars, for just playing around. That is why I stopped going to games. The players to me are not worth it as individuals. Yes, they play well, but other races could probably do just as well or probably even better. There are a lot of Jerry West’s out there, as well as Latinos that will never be given an opportunity because they are not of the right race… or even the correct hight. Sports should be done away with, because they are bias and are paid outlandish salaries, so much so that the average person can no longer pay to see them play. This is a business, and everyone employed in there are exploited and that is not right, but I guess money speaks and that is what really counts in this world…so blacks will always rule in these sports, not because they are smart, but because they are tall…and it is easier to make those baskets….

    By Mistie22 on Apr 29, 2014

  40. Sterling is white trash scum, despicable and should be banned from sports! I think the Clippers should be put on the stock market allowing the public to buy shares and have a say in the ownership. I would definitely buy thousands of shares. I don’t care if the players are black, white, gray or gay! Let them play with respect and dignity. No one needs the likes of Sterling around!!

    By Natasha Kaylee on Apr 29, 2014

  41. The point in the matter is not just that it was recorded, it came out in the light. Everything that a person feels inside eventually surfaces at some point. Unfortunately, he was due to wanting a young women. His wife could have probably dealt with the racism, but as a half-Black female, that is like selling your soul to keep a secret. His time is over and he should call it quits especially since America gets more and more diverse each year. Go Magic!!

    By Spice63 on Apr 29, 2014

  42. Constitution!! Let me see you present “Freedom of Speech” on a platform. Oh that’s right it only becomes a problem if you are a minority. Sorry.

    By Spice63 on Apr 29, 2014

  43. thank god i was not born in this country of racism..never knew what it was to i came to it what a shame americans…

    By ticalinda on Apr 29, 2014

  44. Tired of hearing it all: His comments were inappropriate and shows his ignorance. I am tired of hearing about it already. I dont care what race people are: I do beleive people are entitled to their own thoughts and views, but they dont have to push those views on to others and if they try to there are consequesnces.
    I dont agree with the girlfriend releasing unauthorized tapes and recordings either and she too should be punished unless she has something giving her approval to do so. Hearing then different people on the news, some have good points but others are making their own racist remarks – that doesnt help the whole matter at all. I like Snoop Dog, but he sounded like a racist idiot yesterday too. Nobody is taking about that. Are we suppose to let his comments be okay because of another idot comments? NO! I believe public opinion is that we do not like this Sterling guy, but why is it then acceptable for someone like Snoop Dog…or the use of different words. Racism is ignorance! Just follow what your parents taught you: Who cares what people call you, its what you beleive yourself to be. Other people dont make you the character that you are, YOU DO! Sticks and Stones..

    By TiredOfIT on Apr 29, 2014

  45. Look leave this old man alone. I’m an African American and I don’t give a crap about what he said. Shoot I talk about white people all the time. By the way hey Donald are you looking for a black girlfriend? Email me….It’s probably better than talking on the phone.

    By Trena L. Murphy on Apr 29, 2014

  46. Does it matter how the information was released, NO. I don’t care if Magic or Mickey Mouse leaked it, He should not FEEL the way he feels about people of color, I didn’t say , that he shouldn’t say what he said, if he didn’t feel the way he does, then he would not have said what he said. I don’t remember picking my race while in my mothers wound, even if I could, I would pick this beautiful BROWN. If Magic doesn’t buy the team, they will go bankrupt. Don’t people realize, almost all families now are of mixed race. No one race is better then another. Did anyone learn anything from Slavery, I guess not, since Rancher man said go back to slavery, WHAT’S GOING ON !!!!!!!

    By Chooz on Apr 29, 2014

  47. I’m really surprised of all the attention this issue is getting. Racism has been around forever and is still alive and well. Sterling isn’t the only “Racist” in the leaque there are quite a few others that are well under cover. There are Sterlings all over the place, there in Baseball, Football, Tennis, Boxing, Golf, Church, Politics, etc. Sterling is just old & senile and forgot his fake front. Look at him, he looks sick,like a man full of hate on his way to hell. Let us not be so naive, people, there will be many more coming out.

    By RLT on Apr 29, 2014

  48. This is the first that I have heard about Magic being responsible for Sterling’s racism problems being exposed. Magic has problems himself. Magic is part owner of the Dodgers who need attention developing their players. You see, Magic is a winner and wants his Dodgers, who he admittedly admired as a kid because of their support of Jackie Robinson, to get back to their winning ways. Magic also has a multitude of businesses outside of sports that he must attend to. I mean, this guy’s plate is full, too full to waste his time trying to bring down Sterling. Couple this with Magic’s admiration of Sterling when he first entered the NBA. Magic tells of Dr. Buss choosing to introduce him to his circle of friends, which included Sterling. He talks about visiting Sterling’s house with Dr. Buss multiple times.

    I am a seventy-eight year old African-American male who has had to deal with racists and their racism from grade school through college, including a four year tour of duty in The United States Marine Corp, and in the workplace after graduation. Racists do not need others to expose them; give a racist enough time and I guarantee you that they will expose themselves. I can not explain why, but for some reason they are unable to keep their racist attitudes to themselves.

    I teach Philosophy at a community college in southern California. Every second or third semester my Ethics class comes up in the rotation and before the midterm, it never fails, a racist will go on the attack. I find myself wondering, when the other students decide to strongly denounce the racist rhetoric, why those who are espousing the racist rhetoric do not keep it to themselves. They are drastically outnumbered, but for some reason they continue to do it. At times I feel more like a referee in a boxing ring rather than a Philosophy Professor.

    So, back to my initial point, Magic is not responsible for Sterling’s racism because it was bound to come out sooner or later. I am amazed that it took as long as it did.

    By Darwin on Apr 29, 2014

  49. Everybody knew how this guy was but the players sure did not mind while he was paying them the big money to play ball .

    By steve on Apr 29, 2014

  50. Great, Magic Johnson buys the Clippers. Magic should keep his mouth shut and just disappear from public comments. I don’t condone Sterling racist comments because in this day and age the color of your skin or religious beliefs should not make be used for hatred. But Magic johnson is not the right person to speak on any subject. He admitted having sex with hundreds of women and was diagnosed with HIV. How many of those women did he infect? How many could have possibly died from this illness? Yet he is made out to be a hero. Go away Sterling…and take Magic Johnson with you.

    By Charles Jusino on Apr 29, 2014

  51. *should NOT be used

    By Charles Jusino on Apr 29, 2014

  52. Magic Johnson’s sexual exploits is his own business but Sterling’s comments are our business. He’s outright forward with his comments about Black People which shows that he is a racist.

    By Connie on Apr 29, 2014

  53. Steve Ballmer and Chris Hansen will be all over this. If Magic wants to buy the Clippers he better be backed with $Billions. LA doesn’t need two NBA teams.

    By JonnQ! on Apr 29, 2014

  54. All of the sudden here comes a bunch of racists Magic Haters. Amazing! I guess the old adage “birds of a feather flok together” is true.

    Racism is still alive and well here in America. It is just more subtle. Magic is a Hall of Fame player, a wise business man, a loving husband a great father, a fine role model, and simply a great gentleman. God has forgiven him for his sins, and blessed him greatly. Therefore, everything that you say is really irrelevant. All of you Magic haters who look at his indiscretion and still wag that accusing finger are just jealous racist. If Pat Riley, Donald Trump, or Jerry West (just to name a few), expressed their interest in buying the Clippers I’ll bet none of you stupid people would have a single thing to say. Now that Magic is involved all of the sudden it is a set-up. I’ll bet that each one of you people with all of these negative comments have done something in your past (or maybe doing now) that that you are totally ashamed of. Take a look at yourself before you open your mouth and spout out all of this ignorant garbage. Well I’ll end with this…nobody forced Donald Silver to say what he said on that tape (no matter who recorded it) He said it, and He admitted that he said it. The reason that he said it is because this is what the man feels in his heart. In Matthew 15:18 Jesus to the Scribes and the Pharasees (Lawyers and Preachers) “But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart; and they defile the man.” Blessings Everyone.

    By Andrew Turner on Apr 29, 2014

  55. People saying Sterling’s “free speech” is protected are correct, but while he can say whatever he wants, he is not immune from the consequences of those statements. Here is what the first amendment says: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances”

    The government is not punishing him in any way for his statements. He is being punished by the NBA, which is a private organization that he signed contracts with when he became an owner. The league has extensive powers and can force him to sell the team if they feel he is bad for business. He clearly is.

    By Ryan Phillips on Apr 29, 2014

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