Report: Magic Johnson wants to buy Clippers from Sterling

April 28, 2014 – 4:36 am by Ryan Phillips
    Magic Johnson

With the allegations of racism against Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling still pouring out, the NBA faces a real crisis. New commissioner Adam Silver needs to act quickly, but what, exactly he can do under league rules is still unclear. But the best possible avenue may have emerged, as Magic Johnson has let it be known that he wants to buy the Clippers.

According to Yahoo!’s Adrian Wojnarowski Johnson and his billionaire backers, the Guggenheim Partners, are interested in purchasing the team. If the NBA wants to bail itself out of this crisis, the league should do all it can to facilitate a sale to someone with a far better public reputation. No one is more popular, or widely respected in NBA circles than Magic Johnson.

For years the NBA has essentially enabled Sterling despite repeated accusations of racism and his horrendous ownership record with the Clippers. In fact, without David Stern vetoing the Chris Paul trade to the Lakers, there is no reason to believe the franchise would have turned things around under Sterling’s leadership. That veto and Paul’s subsequent trade to the Clippers made the team a contender. But it took Stern essentially gift-wrapping Paul to the Clippers for it to happen.

Johnson and Guggenheim Partners already own the Los Angeles Dodgers and the group wants to start a sports empire in Southern California. Magic and company already made it known they wanted to buy the Lakers, but the Buss family has been clear that the franchise isn’t for sale. Because this would be a business decision, I have a hard time seeing Johnson shy away from buying the Clippers simply because he spent his entire career with the Lakers.

As things stand now, Sterling will almost surely never be allowed to attend another NBA game. The league simply can’t have him as a representative, especially in one of its biggest markets. Owners around the league now want him out. They don’t want a bigot as part of their fraternity because it makes the rest of them look bad by association.

Silver will be pushed to make a swift, decisive ruling once those vile tapes are authenticated, which they surely will be. At that point he’ll have to decide how he wants his tenure as commissioner to begin. He can do something quietly and usher Sterling to the side while still allowing him to own his team. Or he can make a declarative statement that this kind of behavior will not be tolerated, and should not have been accepted for more than two decades.

Sterling is a disgusting human being who should not be allowed to own an NBA franchise. Luckily for the NBA, the perfect owner appears to be waiting for his chance to buy the team.

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  1. 56 Responses to “Report: Magic Johnson wants to buy Clippers from Sterling”

  2. *should NOT be used

    By Charles Jusino on Apr 29, 2014

  3. Magic Johnson’s sexual exploits is his own business but Sterling’s comments are our business. He’s outright forward with his comments about Black People which shows that he is a racist.

    By Connie on Apr 29, 2014

  4. Steve Ballmer and Chris Hansen will be all over this. If Magic wants to buy the Clippers he better be backed with $Billions. LA doesn’t need two NBA teams.

    By JonnQ! on Apr 29, 2014

  5. All of the sudden here comes a bunch of racists Magic Haters. Amazing! I guess the old adage “birds of a feather flok together” is true.

    Racism is still alive and well here in America. It is just more subtle. Magic is a Hall of Fame player, a wise business man, a loving husband a great father, a fine role model, and simply a great gentleman. God has forgiven him for his sins, and blessed him greatly. Therefore, everything that you say is really irrelevant. All of you Magic haters who look at his indiscretion and still wag that accusing finger are just jealous racist. If Pat Riley, Donald Trump, or Jerry West (just to name a few), expressed their interest in buying the Clippers I’ll bet none of you stupid people would have a single thing to say. Now that Magic is involved all of the sudden it is a set-up. I’ll bet that each one of you people with all of these negative comments have done something in your past (or maybe doing now) that that you are totally ashamed of. Take a look at yourself before you open your mouth and spout out all of this ignorant garbage. Well I’ll end with this…nobody forced Donald Silver to say what he said on that tape (no matter who recorded it) He said it, and He admitted that he said it. The reason that he said it is because this is what the man feels in his heart. In Matthew 15:18 Jesus to the Scribes and the Pharasees (Lawyers and Preachers) “But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart; and they defile the man.” Blessings Everyone.

    By Andrew Turner on Apr 29, 2014

  6. People saying Sterling’s “free speech” is protected are correct, but while he can say whatever he wants, he is not immune from the consequences of those statements. Here is what the first amendment says: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances”

    The government is not punishing him in any way for his statements. He is being punished by the NBA, which is a private organization that he signed contracts with when he became an owner. The league has extensive powers and can force him to sell the team if they feel he is bad for business. He clearly is.

    By Ryan Phillips on Apr 29, 2014

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