College football team suspends accused rapist!

April 23, 2014 – 12:50 am by Hickey


In a move that is sure to send seismic waves across the college football landscape, the University of New Mexico suspended a player accused of rape on Tuesday.

That player is Lobos running back Crusoe Gongbay, who seems like he could have gotten by in life on cool name alone. Unfortunately, that is no longer possible. Gongbay turned himself in to campus police as he and another man face charges of second-degree criminal sexual penetration and kidnapping. According to state law, the second-degree charge is applicable when the accused party is “aided and abetted by one or more persons.” (Why anyone would want to do anything sexual with their buddy in the room, I will still never understand. But that’s a whole different matter).

The school has done the right thing. Should he be cleared of the charges, Gongbay is presumably free to come back. And if it is clear he is guilty as charged, they’ll be able to fully boot him and make sure he never touches the field again.

Granted, the cynics among us may wonder if the team would be so proactive about the discipline if Gongbay were, say, a Heisman Trophy candidate rather than a No. 3 running back. Or if the Lobos were playing in the national title game in a month. Or if the police would actually have the integrity and competence to do their jobs if New Mexico football was the top moneymaker in Albuquerque.

But maybe it is simply possible that Bob Davie wants to run a first-class program.

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  2. You said criminal sexual penetration

    By Cousin Charlie on Apr 25, 2014

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