2014 NFL Draft: Why is Anthony Barr’s stock dropping?

April 10, 2014 – 6:38 pm by Ryan Phillips

ESPN’s Mel Kiper conceded that Barr “was not who you thought he was” when he broke down his game film. His colleague, Todd McShay, had been beating that drum for a few months and Kiper has begrudgingly come to agree with that assessment.

Kiper had the following to say about Barr:

“The bottom line is he has to get better. He’s got to get more instinctive, learn more about being a defensive football player; looks a little lost out there at times, doesn’t play with a defensive mentality, plays like more of an offensive player, which he once was.” 

That makes sense, since Barr spent his first two years at UCLA as a running back and fullback. Kiper then claimed Barr shouldn’t go before the late first-round as a developmental player, who will be in need of serious coaching.

In his latest mock draft, McShay was even more down on Barr, dropping him to a second-round pick. McShay previously said, “Any team that spends a top 15 pick on Anthony Barr is going to be very disappointed by what it gets.” He then went on to mention Aaron Maybin while discussing Barr, which was a chilling comparison.

Others have claimed that scouts either love or hate Barr’s potential, there is no middle ground.

Personally, I see Barr as a solid mid first-round pick but think he could wind up being a Pro Bowler with the right coaching. At 6-4 and 255 pounds he can be a good speed-rusher off the edge in a 3-4 immediately. But he does need to get stronger and learn how to properly set the edge against the run. He’s a finesse player right now, which means he’s likely only going to be on the field in passing situations as a rookie.

There is a lot of potential there for Barr, but he’s not on the level of fellow defenders Jadeveon Clowney, or Khalil Mack yet. He’ll need a lot of work at the next level.

As of right now, Barr looks like the guy most likely to suffer a shocking draft day slide.

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