Video: Lionel Messi’s sick free kick vs. Almeria

March 3, 2014 – 4:46 am by Ryan Phillips

Lionel Messi

We’re far beyond needing to come up with adjectives to describe just how good Argentina’s Lionel Messi is at soccer. The man is amazing and on Sunday he showed that again.

With Messi’s FC Barcelona up 1-0 over Almeria, he stepped over the ball in the 24th minute for a free kick. He then unleashed one of the best highlights of the year so far.

Messi ripped the ball with his left foot and deftly curved it into the top left corner of the goal. Replays show how Messi bent the shot to such a degree that it went wide of the wall to the left, but somehow he was able to sneak back to the right and in and past Almeria goalie Suarez Esteban.

Video of the amazing shot is below:

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  1. One Response to “Video: Lionel Messi’s sick free kick vs. Almeria”

  2. I liked the language of the announcers – is that almerian? And what a sick kick!!

    By Nancy on Mar 3, 2014

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