Russian baby joins bobsled celebration

February 18, 2014 – 12:38 am by Hickey

bobsled baby

You can’t say they don’t take their bobsledding seriously in Russia. Or at least the guy who will probably receive a sharp reprimand from his wife if she ever sees this blog post certainly does.

There was a raucous celebration from the home crowd at the Sanki Sliding Center Monday night as Alexander Zubkov and Alexei Voevoda blew away the rest of the two-man bobsled field to give Russia its first gold medal in the event since the breakup of the Soviet Union. And even that gold, won in Calgary in 1988, wasn’t truly Russian — that sled’s driver, Janis Kipurs, is Latvian.

So you can understand why people were a bit stoked. One guy got a wee bit too excited, though, hoisting his child aloft as if it was Simba in the opening scene of The Lion King. The moment appeared on-screen for no more than a second, so it was impossible to tell if he continued his follow-through to toss the baby into the air. We’ll assume not.

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