Ashley Wagner reacts to low score in hilarious fashion

February 8, 2014 – 11:50 pm by Ryan Phillips

Ashley Wagner

On Saturday night, American figure skater Ashley Wagner turned in a really nice performance during her short program as a part of the sport’s new team event at the 2014 Winter Olympics. Wagner impressed the crowd, her teammates and herself, as she was clearly happy with her performance. Apparently the judges didn’t agree.

Wagner received a 63.10, placing her fourth among the other female singles performers. It’s fairly clear she and others thought she deserved far better.

After the jump we’ve got pictures of her before and after she received her scores.

Her reaction to her performance:

Ashley Wagner

And her reaction to the judges’ scores just moments later:

Ashley Wagner reaction

It was fairly easy to read her lips afterwards too as she clearly uttered, “bullsh*t.” We agree Ms. Wagner, we agree.

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  1. 19 Responses to “Ashley Wagner reacts to low score in hilarious fashion”

  2. No doubt about it – Wagner didn’t get a fair shake. The girl from Japan (who skated after Wagner) was very good but she fell on one of her jumpos. How does a skater who falls get placed ahead of one that skated very well (Wagner) and did not fall? It was unfair! They pulled the old crooked rooskie on Wagner.

    By Ron Kelley on Feb 10, 2014

  3. this must be the same crew that f’xd the NFC
    championship game

    By tim voss on Feb 10, 2014

  4. The USA is always harshly judged in the olmpics! What a shame for Wagner,she skated very well.Let’s face it folks, if it’s not a timed event,we will be judged unfairly.

    By Dave on Feb 10, 2014

  5. Figure skating is the most corruptly judged event, followed by gymnastics.

    By David on Feb 10, 2014

  6. And for this very reason these competitions should be taken out of the Olympics.

    By Longbeachyo on Feb 10, 2014

  7. Wagner skated a clean but conservative program, probably could have finished as high as third, I didn’t think she got judged too harshly,
    she should consider herself lucky to be in the Olympics since she finished a mile behind the the 2ND. place finisher in the U.S. Nationals. I forgot the name of the runner up to Gold in the U.S. Nationals, but that skater deserved to be at the Olympics rather than Wagner.
    What comes around, goes around.

    By ron stone on Feb 10, 2014

  8. Why ask for comments when they won’t be posted.
    I submitted comments about 10 minutes ago giving my view of the judging that was somewhat different than those posted above.
    At least have some integrity.

    By ron stone on Feb 10, 2014

  9. Thanks for posting my original comments.

    By ron stone on Feb 10, 2014

  10. Had they gone with Mirai Nagasu, I’m fairly certain that (a) the results would have been more favorable for the USA and (b) she would have conducted herself like an adult, instead of a spoiled brat.

    By Don Bo on Feb 10, 2014

  11. I was surprised that the Japanese girl who stumbled or fell finished ahead of Wagner. The disappointment was obvious.

    By Tony Kochenash on Feb 10, 2014

  12. I love the comment. This is the same crew that fixed the NFC championship games…. We are living in a world were the wool is being pulled over our eyes… Every thing in sports can now be fixed, even the Masters Golf Tournament…. It’s WBA wrestling …… Have fun wasting your time watching the Bull****

    By Bill bondaruk on Feb 10, 2014

  13. I personally was not unhappy to see Ashley’s
    score. She was named to the Olympic Team
    unfairly. She carries an air of entitlement.
    Don’t like her and can’t wish her luck. Go
    USA GO GRACIE!!!!!

    By Linda Schupke on Feb 10, 2014

  14. Oh well, didn’t US cheat one of our own in Nationals. We sent a skater that got 4th over a skater that placed 2nd in Nationals. That too wasn’t fair. So I guess we should accept this as we accepted the faulty unfair Nationals!!

    By Keep_It_Real_46 on Feb 10, 2014

  15. What about the nonsensical “half slope” events as Olympic menu? It’s all getting ridiculous, isn’t it?

    By F Sarguis on Feb 10, 2014

  16. She`s another Nancy Kerrigan “why me?”.Spoiled, and entitled. She shouldn`t even bve there.

    By steve G on Feb 10, 2014

  17. Wait, did someone just say Nancy Kerrigan was spoiled for screaming “why?” after taking a tire iron to the knee? Holy crap that’s ridiculous.

    By Ryan Phillips on Feb 10, 2014

  18. They took a lot off for a very minor imperfection. Then not as much for a far larger mistake. As for her “not deserving to be there” she is one of the best figure skaters in the USA. She fell at the nationals. It would have been very foolish to not send her because the one day she wasn’t perfect, happened to be the US Nationals. Ironically she was placed behind somebody who fell. But she was freaking awesome.

    By Neil on Feb 11, 2014

  19. Ashley,

    I’m from Northern BC Canada. I loved your reactions. In my opinion in brought back what being at the Olympics is all about. Have some fun!! Even if the judges don’t know what they’re doing!! Ha-ha!!

    All the best to you!!

    By Alan Kavanaugh on Feb 20, 2014

  20. The truth is if anyone else had skated that program they would have placed on the podium. I was very surprised to see how little it matters if you skate a clean program. My heart goes out to Wagner who worked so hard and had to deal with alot of extra scrutiny to begin with. I think she proved to herself and her team she deserved to be here. I got really into the skating this year, but it was very infuriating to watch the way it went down.

    By Jackie C on Feb 21, 2014

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