Report: Players want Alex Rodriguez kicked out of union

January 21, 2014 – 3:15 pm by Ryan Phillips

Alex Rodriguez

New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez will miss the entire 2014 season thanks to a 162-game suspension for using performance-enhancing drugs. While that may seem like the worst news the 38-year-old could have gotten, things may have actually gone even further downhill for him.

On Tuesday, Yahoo! Sports reported that MLB player representatives “overwhelmingly agreed” that Rodriguez should be kicked out of the union during a 90-minute conference call last week. While union leadership has told those player reps that booting A-Rod from the union is not legally possible, it is a sign that things are as bad as they can get for the 14-time All-Star.

Basically, baseball players from across the league are in agreement that Rodriguez should be expelled from their union because of his actions. None of the players or board members who were on the call defended him or wanted him back.

The first player to speak on the call asked bluntly: “Can we kick him out of the union?” Again, the answer is no, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the people on the call didn’t think it was a good idea.

One of the players had the following to say about the call:

“That’s what everyone was thinking. We wanted to get on this call and not let him back. (To say,) ‘This is our game and we don’t want you in it.'”

Rodriguez has filed suit against the MLBPA and MLB in an attempt to get his suspension reversed. While suing MLB was expected, some were a bit shocked that he also filed against his own union.

I’m not sure the Yankees could actually completely sever ties with Rodriguez because of his contract. After sitting out the 2014 season, he will still have three years and $61 million left on his deal. But if New York somehow dumped A-Rod, this latest news shows that he is unlikely to be welcomed into another clubhouse.

As was the case with Barry Bonds towards the end of his career, Rodriguez has become toxic and no one seems to want him around, not even his own union.

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