Mexican skier to don mariachi suit in Sochi

January 28, 2014 – 1:22 am by Hickey

Prince Hubertus von Hohenlone

So, have you heard the one about the Mexican skier who lives in Liechtenstein that will be wearing a mariachi suit as he heads down the slopes at this year’s Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia?

There is no punchline here, because clearly we’d be going for a subset of people with really obscure senses of humor if that was the beginning of a joke.

Prince Hubertus von Hohenlone will be the lone representative of Team Mexico at the Winter Games, competing in the men’s slalom. And he’ll be doing so in style. Von Hohelone will wear a mariachi-insipired race suit, and has dubbed himself “the Flying Mariachi Prince.”

My first two reactions upon seeing this story:

1. Awesome. I hope this becomes a bit of a worldwide phenomenon so we have the chance to see an Irish skiier dressed up as a leprechaun.

2. Since when does Mexico have princes?

A little investigation into the second question reveals that von Hohenlone may actually be directly related to the Dos Equis guy, better known as the Most Interesting Man in the World.

He was born in Mexico City in 1959, where his father worked for Volkswagen, though presumably not on the assembly line seeing that he was also a prince. Von Hohenlone’s father is the son of German and Spanish royalty, while his mother was the daughter of German and Italian royalty. (Apparently getting rid of the Kaiser did not prevent German royals from continuing to pretend they were important).

This will be the sixth Olympic appearance for Prince Albertus dating back to 1984, which means he was in an Olympic Games before many of his competitors in Sochi were even born. (My guess is he has “Hook up with a chick who was born after my first Olympics” listed on his Sochi Olympic Village to-do list).

When he is not skiing, von Hohenlone dabbles in photography (nude/scantily-clad ski bunnies is one of his primary genres) and music, where he has recorded albums under the handles “Andy Himalaya” and “Royal Disaster.”

In short, being descended from a long line of rich people sounds like it is pretty awesome, at least provided you stayed out of the whole Czar Nicholas side of the thing. Especially when a straight guy can tell that you’re a pretty good-looking dude, and would understand completely if any girlfriend we currently had left us for you.

But there’s no jealousy here. Prince Hubertus is clearly one cool cat, and we’ll be rooting for him to don a medal over his mariachi suit.

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