Toronto mayor wears 1995 NFL tie during crack confession

November 6, 2013 – 2:39 am by Hickey

rob ford

Well, there’s a headline you don’t see every day.

As if being the home of the Blue Jays/Maple Leafs/Raptors wasn’t enough cause for embarrassment in the past decade, Torontans (?) received another disgrace on Tuesday when mayor Rob Ford finally came out and admitted to smoking crack. This isn’t news in itself — the tape showing him smoking crack has allegedly been floating around for a few months — but the fact he’s coming clean after repeatedly denying the claims is somewhat significant.

What struck us about Ford’s press conference wasn’t the admission, but his sartorial choices. Particularly in the area of neckwear.

Ford showed up to a press conference about the most serious subject there is for a politician — using crack while “in a drunken stupor” — wearing a tie bearing the logos of every NFL team.

Every NFL team in 1995, that is.

The crack detectives (rim shot) at Sporting News figured this out. As you can see, many of the logos on the tie are outdated, with the Denver Broncos bucking horse, Tampa Bay’s Bucco Bruce, the script Giants and the no-longer existent Houston Oilers sticking out most notably.

But two things help us determine the tie is from either 1994 or ’95. The first is the Philadelphia swooping Eagle logo, which was last used in ’95. There’s also a Browns logo, and the team relocated to Baltimore in ’96. And we know it doesn’t come from before ’94 because both the Carolina Panthers and Jacksonville Jaguars logos are present.

The whole thing raises a lot of questions. Do they not make ties with current NFL logos? What about ties with CFL logos? Does Rob Ford have a wife who lets him dress himself like this? Oh, and what’s the deal with electing this guy as your mayor, Toronto?

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  1. One Response to “Toronto mayor wears 1995 NFL tie during crack confession”

  2. There are a few oddities here, like wearing sports fan attire while confessing to crime during a political news conference, and even owning an NFL tie while being the mayor of a city in Canada. However, 1995 does roughly approximate the end of the crack epidemic, so maybe it was an entirely appropriate choice.

    By TM on Nov 6, 2013

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