Muppet heckler Waldorf shows up to Winnipeg Jets game

November 11, 2013 – 3:37 am by Hickey

Philadelphia is known for having the toughest fans in sports, but only the Winnipeg Jets can lay claim to having one of the world’s best-known hecklers show up to one of their games.

One enterprising fan showed up to Sunday’s Jets-Sharks game dressed as Waldorf of Muppets fame. Because of the camera angle, we can’t tell if the fan sitting next to him is dressed as Statler, the other half of the heckling duo.

Either way, it’s clear the announcing crew doesn’t know exactly what they’re dealing with.

Two observations:

1. Apparently the honeymoon is over in Winnipeg. These fans want results!

2. How did he manage to make his way down from the balcony to the first row?

And just because we can, the best of Statler and Waldorf:

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