Jon Bon Jovi denies interest in buying Bills

November 26, 2013 – 12:17 am by Hickey


The Buffalo Bills are like bad medicine. And long ago, Jon Bon Jovi established that bad medicine is what he needs.

So it would make sense reported on Sunday that the ’80s rocker has expressed interest in purchasing the team when current owner Ralph Wilson dies.

But on Monday, it became evident that Bon Jovi realized trying to buy the Bills would give him a bad name. Bon Jovi’s spokesperson, who goes by the name Ken Sunshine — no word on whether he used to fill the same role for John Denver and receive free piggyback rides — released a statement indicating the report was false.

“The Bills are not for sale, and he has too much respect for Mr. Wilson to engage in any discussions of buying the team,” Sunshine told the Associated Press. “It’s preposterous to say he’s had any discussions with the Bills and Erie County.”

Sunshine conceded that it’s no secret his client would someday want to own a team. He just reiterated that team isn’t the Bills, who are apparently not wanted by anyone dead or alive.

My guess is Mr. Sunshine is simply trying to blow himself up our asses due to the sensitive nature of the franchise’s future and Wilson’s role in it. The team will not be put up for sale until Wilson dies, which is going to happen sooner than later considering the man was born one month before the end of World War I.

Obviously, it would make sense for Erie County to look into contingency plans for that inevitable day, whether it’s in five months or five years. But you also can’t talk about it in public, because talking about live persons in the past tense is considered rude in many social circles.

Wilson has said he won’t bequeath the team to his heirs so as to lower their estate tax burden, but the sale will supposedly be delayed for a few years when that happens as the franchise will be placed in a trust. (I personally don’t know what any of that rich-person stuff means).

We do know that Bills fans have been living on a prayer for years. And though he denies it now, maybe Bon Jovi will end up being the man with the answer.

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