Dwyane Wade sells sitcom based on his life

November 20, 2013 – 2:34 am by Hickey

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In a world where gold-digging real housewives of whichever municipality I don’t ever want to live in and a family of well-meaning, uber-religious bearded rubes are among the biggest stars on television, it can be assumed that just about anything can become a TV show.

So I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade successfully sold his life story to Fox to be turned into a sitcom. This is not the first time the network has built a sitcom around an athlete. After all, who could forget the Michael Strahan vehicle “Brothers?” Wait, everybody who ever lived? Er… maybe Wade’s “Three the Hard Way” will fare slightly better since it stars an actor instead of an athlete.

But probably not.

According to those who release this kind of information, the show will star a “NBA player named Daryl Wade who is responsible for raising his two sons as a single parent.” (Maybe he has brothers named Daryl and Daryl?)

That seems pretty boring, but don’t worry. There’ll be plenty of hijinx!

Wade will be joined by “his entourage of eccentric friends (Birdman, perhaps?), find themselves parenting by committee, when he gets full custody of his two young sons. It’s a recipe made for disaster, but no matter how misinformed, misguided, or unfit Team Wade may be, they have a trump card that can’t lose. It’s called love.”

Damn. That is a trump card that can’t lose. I need to remember that next time I’m at a poker table.

“A straight flush? Pfft. Well I have love. I can’t lose, man!”

Wade said the show will be inspired by The Cosby Show.

“That was one thing I kept saying before I sold my story. I want to be able to bring some light into the dark times. I always take off from ‘The Cosby Show’ kind of thing. They always told a lesson at the end of the day. There’s always a story, and comedy in it as well.”

Hopefully the biggest thing borrowed from The Cosby Show is a wide array of outrageous sweaters for the main character to wear.

In all seriousness, the more I think about it, the more I think this could actually work.

The idea of a single father raising precocious young’n’s is nothing new. Andy Griffith turned it into an art form, and I can easily see Chris Bosh as a Barney Fife-type character. I mean, just look at the dude.

Two decades later, the same general single dad with wacky co-stars formula was used in “Full House.” (LeBron could never dream of being cool as Uncle Jesse, but maybe he could cut it as one of the Rippers). I can’t think of it actually being used on a show with primarily black characters, though.

The closest would be “Diff’rent Strokes,” but at that point in time we were only willing to believe a single, rich white guy could raise two black kids as opposed to a single, rich black guy. So as much as I would like to think this will be a miserable failure, if executed and written properly it might actually be a success.

Unfortunately, there’s still no word if it will replicate real life by casting someone as a psycho hosebeast ex-wife who “Daryl Wade” ditches for a successful actress.

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