Video: Jonathan Quick gives up the worst goal in NHL history

October 8, 2013 – 12:33 am by Ryan Phillips

Jonathan Quick

There are no words to describe just how bad the goal Los Angeles Kings net-minder Jonathan Quick surrendered Monday night against the New York Rangers, but I’m going to give it a try.

Early in the third period with the Rangers leading 2-1, the Kings were gaining momentum and earned a power play. It appeared they were on the verge of taking over of the game. At the beginning of the power play, the Rangers won a face-off and Ryan McDonagh cleared the puck the length of the ice towards Quick, and that’s when all hell broke loose.

As Quick maneuvered to corral the puck but stumbled a bit and lost control of his stick. As his stick went flying out of his hand, the puck bounced off his blocker and caromed into his own net. The ridiculous goal took the wind completely out of the Kings’ sails and gave the Rangers a 3-1 lead. That ended up being the final score.

Quick is one of the NHL’s best goaltenders, which made that crazy goal even more incredible and unlikely.

Video of the disastrous goal below:

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  1. 13 Responses to “Video: Jonathan Quick gives up the worst goal in NHL history”

  2. I didn’t see this goal when it happened and so I was wondering if this short article was attempting to be a headline grabber.
    After shaking my head for awhile, I’ve got to admit this goal is definitely “in play” for one of the toughest (i.e. worst) goals to have go in at the NHL level.
    But…it can happen…

    By GoaliesRMyBiz on Oct 8, 2013

  3. This is bad but eerily similar to Brodeur’s gaffe in (i think) 2003 SCF against the Ducks….Ozolinsh (however you spell it) dumped it in and basically the same thing happened..bigger game though, set up gm 7

    By Dave on Oct 8, 2013

  4. Thats why there are 81 games in a season!

    By Colin on Oct 8, 2013

  5. That happens in my beer league all the time!

    By Buff on Oct 8, 2013

  6. The best part was when Quick was leaning on the net after the goal, and you can see the add that says “that was easy.”

    By Aaron on Oct 8, 2013

  7. The sad thing is, Quick is easily one of the best goalies in the NHL but he’s always been awful at handling the puck. This just took it to another level.

    By Ryan Phillips on Oct 8, 2013

  8. I thought you only saw goals like that on the ponds . I guess I still have pro player possibilities !

    By Thomas K. Hawes Jr. on Oct 8, 2013

  9. agree:
    That Was Easy”

    By PeterO on Oct 9, 2013

  10. Apparently the people of yardbarker don’t watch hockey if they think this is the WORST in history.

    By lakawak on Oct 10, 2013

  11. If it’s the worst then it’s tied for worst with about a hundred others. Sh!t happens.

    By Ranger Dan Parsons on Oct 10, 2013

  12. The fix is in, LOL

    By Yehuda on Oct 10, 2013

  13. I remember watching this game. I felt like tearing my head off!

    By Go kings go on Mar 18, 2014

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