The New Orleans Pelicans mascot is truly terrifying

October 31, 2013 – 12:06 am by Hickey


We at Rumors and Rants were in the minority that thought the New Orleans Hornets name change to Pelicans this offseason was awesome. A Pelican is actually something that can be found in the state of Louisiana — most notably on the flag — and harkens back to a time when team names actually carried regional significance.

Plus, the pelican is underrated in the pantheon of badass birds. Despite looking goofy, they are way cooler than a cardinal or an oriole. Pelicans shed their own blood to feed their young. They are among the only birds who only eat animals that they have killed themselves. No nuts, no berries, no carrion. If it ain’t murdered, it ain’t pelican food.

That said, I’m not so sure we can get on board with new mascot Pierre the Pelican. Because I think he wants to kill us.

While he’s got a good New Orleans name, Pierre looks like the spawn of the San Diego Chicken and a clown. If the goal is to frighten visiting teams, this is probably the right formula. But if the Pelicans want to use Pierre to entertain young fans — well, let’s just assume he’s going to cause a few more nightmares than say, Benny the Bull.

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