Rob Ryan buys a whole NOLA bar drinks after win

September 10, 2013 – 2:29 am by Hickey

rob ryan

The Saints winning a game with an honest-to-God goal-line stand is enough reason for a parade through New Orleans in itself. But it turns out new defensive coordinator Rob Ryan gave one lucky group of fans even more reason to celebrate their win over the Falcons on Sunday night.

According to the NOLA Defender blog, Ryan showed up at the Uptown bar Ms. Mae’s, where he was showered with applause upon walking in. (We’re guessing it’s the only shower he had all week).

Ryan then plopped a $100 bill on the bar, told the bartender to buy everyone a drink on him, and keep the change. And then he wandered back out into the night.

The only thing that makes this story better is his choice of location, which pretty much screams “Rob Ryan.”

For the uninitiated, Ms. Mae’s is a classic New Orleans dive bar. It’s Uptown, which means it’s local unless you are a fairly enterprising tourist. It’s also open 24 hours, which means it’s awesome if you are a fairly enterprising drunk. It’s also cheap, which means Ryan’s money probably would have been worth about 50 PBRs.

And the clientele?

One night when I was at Ms. Mae’s I sat next to a nice, normal-looking girl at the bar who was there with her boyfriend. We got to chatting for quite a long time. About what, I’m not entirely certain, since it is the type of place where things are easily forgotten. But there is one thing that will always stick in my mind because of the completely casual way she brought it up some 45 minutes into our discussion.

“Yeah, I did a little time for stealing a car.”

Wait, what? You’re some 110-pound pixie and you’ve been in jail?

“It was a mix-up. I was just borrowing it from a friend.”

Ahh. Didn’t work for the judge, but it works for me.

So cheers to Rex Ryan. It looks like he’s found the perfect fit for his career and life.

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  1. 3 Responses to “Rob Ryan buys a whole NOLA bar drinks after win”

  2. As NOLA local, I’m very familiar with Ms. Mae’s. This was cool story! The Saints fans really like Rob Ryan, he fits right in with the other eccentrics.

    By Jay Hussey on Sep 10, 2013

  3. Why disparage the man’s hygiene? He did a nice thing and some people day. Why taint the story with your own negativity? Especially when it seems you’ve frequented the joint yourself…

    By Ed on Sep 14, 2013

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