Rapper Slim Thug tries to get Dwight Howard to Houston Rockets

July 1, 2013 – 11:28 pm by Hickey


Could the biggest free agency decision in the NBA this offseason be determined by the persuasive powers of a gentleman named Slim Thug? Maybe — like Kevin Garnett once said, anything is possiiiiiiiblllllllle.

Houston-bred rapper Slim Thug took to Twitter on Monday in an attempt to convince Dwight Howard to sign a contract with his hometown Rockets.

As you might expect, it ended up making for Twitter gold.

Slim on the matter of teammate’s egos:


On the subject of houses and hoes:


On the quality of Houston’s gentleman’s club scene, which, by the way, I can totally back Slim Thug on:

  On the low cost of child support, which makes me wonder how Shawn Kemp never wound up in a Rockets uniform:

  On the low cost of getting faded. As a sidenote, I am impressed by Slim Thug’s tweeting skills in this one, as I can’t figure out how to get that accent thing over the e: 

    Yes, the Galleria is very nice:

   You know what else is nice? Chicks who don’t wear a lot of clothing in their avatars:


James Harden does live like a king. From the looks of his beard, one from the 14th century:


No one will even notice you started playing until January! No pressure:


I think Slim loses some momentum here. The ability to legally text and drive in Texas probably won’t compare very well to future Nuggets and Blazers pitches of “Hey, you can smoke weed here.”

Oh, and just in case you are in the 96 percent of my regular audience that has no idea who Slim Thug is, I would like to present his magnum opus, which proves that Flock of Seagulls can be turned into a rap song.

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  2. hahaha! and thanks for acknowledging that 4% of us may know who slim thug is.

    By roundthewaygirl on Jul 2, 2013

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