New Gary Pinkel website includes not-so-new video

July 16, 2013 – 1:19 am by Hickey


Whoa. I’m so excited that I forgot I was typing in caps lock. Anyway, the site isn’t fully operational yet, but it does come with the recommendation of several national media types and Don Draper himself!

Of course, the aforementioned video is also two years old — as noted by St. Louis Post-Dispatch beat writer Dave Matter on Twitter — which leaves some of the statements made about the then-secure Big 12 coach rather than the surely-on-a-hot-seat SEC coach feeling a bit dated.

ESPN Anchor Michael Kim: It doesn’t matter what he says here. The fact he’s wearing a Livestrong hat lets you know it’s out of date.

Linda Cohn, making salient points about a guy on the hot seat: “I think stability in coaching is very important…it’s always easier for fans to think the grass is greener on the other side and ‘Oh, we could bring in this guy.’ But there’s something to be said for being a stable force. I think he’s doing a fine job.”

Extremely Bearded Jon Hamm: “Seeing the ascendancy of the program and the innovation with the offense… It’s been great. It’s been nice to have something really positive to cheer for.”

This was true in the summer of 2011. Not so much last season when Mizzou finished 82nd in the nation in scoring.

Big Ten Network’s Mike Hall: “Gary Pinkel has a RIDICULOUS reputation of character. You ask around about him, almost the first would anybody says, especially in the Big Ten, is ‘He’s got a lot of character.’

Pinkel pled guilty to DUI during the 2011 season and was suspended for Mizzou’s game against Texas Tech.

Kim, again: “Class act all the way. You can tell he’s a family man.”

Pinkel divorced from his wife of 39 years last season. I’m not one to judge, but this is rare in the image-conscious world of college coaching. Even Bobby Petrino managed to stay married!

Hamm, again: “He runs on offense a lot of people find difficult to contain.”

In the Big 12, yes. In the SEC, not so much.

It is quite possible all these people still think these things. Pinkel Nation doesn’t need them blowin’ in the wind types. But…we figured some context might be good. Don’t need to give Pete Campbell any ammo to talk shit on the Mad Men set about 2-6 in conference being something positive to cheer for.

H/T to SI’s Andy Glockner for giving us this idea via Twitter rant.

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