Exclusive: More details emerge on Manziel’s Manning Camp departure

July 20, 2013 – 3:38 pm by Hickey

Johnny Manziel

In the past week, the only story that hasn’t changed about Heisman winner Johnny Manziel’s exit from the Manning Passing Academy last weekend is our own.

That’s because it happens to be the truth. But even our source with ties to the camp, who was tuned in well enough to know what was going on, didn’t have access to all the story’s details. Friday afternoon we were contacted by another source who is even more well-connected to the camp’s inner workings and therefore needs to remain unnamed. This person not only verified that what our original source had was completely true, but shared with us new information regarding the details of Manziel’s departure.

Basically it boils down to this: Manziel apparently lied to his own mother about his reason for missing camp meetings on Saturday morning, misled the media on SEC Media Day and threw Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron under the bus by forcing him to answer questions about why he didn’t wake Manziel up on Saturday morning. What McCarron had to avoid saying was the truth: he couldn’t wake Manziel up, because Manziel wasn’t in their room.

No one knows for sure where Manziel slept on Friday night, and the exact location is probably none of our damn business. But we do know it wasn’t at a Nicholls State dorm with roomie McCarron. It was reported to Archie Manning that Johnny Football was last seen somewhere on Bourbon Street in New Orleans at around 4 a.m. (The Nicholls campus is about an hour drive from New Orleans).

This was Johnny’s first mistake. Not necessarily going to New Orleans, but lying about it to Archie, who had already been informed by a friend that Manziel was out on Bourbon. Basically Manning gave Manziel the chance to explain himself the next day when Archie already knew full well what had happened and where he was — classic parent move! — but Manziel chose not to tell the truth.

Even so, Archie was not the driving force behind Manziel’s departure. That was Dartmouth head coach Buddy Teevens, who was formerly at Tulane and is in charge of making the schedules and drawing up the counseling assignments for the many college quarterbacks who run drills for the high school players at the camp. Teevens thought it was unfair for Manziel to be kept around for the final day-and-a half of the camp when the rest of the quarterbacks in attendance had shown up to all scheduled meetings and put the work in. Our source said that Manziel missed or was late to “every” staff meeting, including on Friday. Archie came to agree with Teevens’ vantage point and Manziel was sent home.

Our source noted that the decision was not unanimous because they knew it would not be long before word got out. Though names were not named, it could be inferred that Peyton and Eli were probably in that boat.

The excuse of Manziel feeling ill was given in hopes that the matter would just die there, but thanks to us and our original source, it did not.

The only minor detail missed by our original source is that it was Teevens, not Archie, who informed Manziel he was being sent home. It was then that Manziel lied to the second authority figure in this story, telling his mother that he overslept and McCarron did not wake him up. The oversleeping line would be repeated when he appeared in front of the media at SEC Media Days in Hoover, Ala. on Wednesday.

The whole scenario put McCarron in an awkward spot when he was forced to answer questions about Manziel on Thursday, and now his answer reads even more interestingly.

I can’t answer on Johnny Manziel’s part. My name is A.J. Everything that has to do with him, he’s his own man. I’m not going to speak on another man’s business. That’s how I was raised. If it don’t have nothing to do with you, don’t speak on it. I know how I handle myself out in public, how I carry myself in front of people. That’s what I’m worried about, trying to be the best player and the best person off the field that I can be for my family and the University of Alabama. I never want to disrespect them in any way.

Given the facts we now know, McCarron’s statement reads as much like an indictment of Manziel as it is a defense of himself. Though he took accountability for “oversleeping,” Manziel still spoke of another man’s business by indicating McCarron didn’t wake him up. Manziel is the one with questions about how he is handling himself in public, and whether he’s embarrassed his family or his university. This makes for a very interesting sub-plot to an Alabama-Texas A&M game that’s already being hyped through the roof in July.

In Manziel’s defense, it’s not like he was at choir camp. Our original source estimated “95 percent” of the college quarterbacks in attendance go out and tear it up on the nights they are at the Manning Camp, and our second source backed that. That’s why the original story reported by ESPN states that Manziel was not sent home for “partying”, as they would have to send just about everybody home if that were the reason. It’s summer and they’re college kids, so anyone worked up about that detail is not anyone we’d ever want to hang out with.

The difference is everyone else shook off the previous night and gave the roughly 1,200 high school kids in attendance the kind of attention their parents paid for.

Our source also backed up the statement made by Peyton Manning, who said “Johnny was great with the campers for the time he was here.” When he did work, he was great with the kids. There was no half-assing it in that regard. He just did not take his responsibilities as seriously as everyone else who was invited by the Mannings.

We have no bone to pick with Johnny Football. Watching him play is a joy. But there is a lesson to be learned by him from this episode.

As a child of privilege — he is the fourth generation in a family of Texas oil money — chances are Manziel hasn’t faced many serious consequences for his actions growing up. Being a star quarterback at a Texas high school, then at A&M, and then the first freshman quarterback to win the Heisman has only enhanced his ability to “get away with it.”

In the NFL, they don’t care who your daddy is. Actions will have consequences. He can still have a good time like anybody else his age, but if he thinks he can get away with lying about things like his whereabouts on Bourbon Street to someone with as many powerful New Orleans connections as Archie Manning, he either needs to get a lot smarter or a lot humbler. Maybe a little bit of both.

Otherwise, he’ll learn the NFL is a No Fools League the hard way.

*Multiple staff members contributed to this report

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  1. 34 Responses to “Exclusive: More details emerge on Manziel’s Manning Camp departure”

  2. Wait, did you even watch the SEC media day interview(s) with Johnny Manziel? The only thing he said was AJ MCCarron was his roommate. It’s the reporters that started asking why AJ didn’t wake him up. Manziel’s answer was that it wasn’t AJ’s responsibility and it was 100% on Manziel. You need to correct your story.

    By The Truth on Jul 20, 2013

  3. Get real. Who do you think your readers are? Children?

    The NFL is full of criminals, thugs, fathers of illegitimate children and irresponsible men that would be stocking shelves at Walmart or be on welfare but for playing football.

    Manziel is some bad guy too bad for that league because he lied to an old washed up QB who never did anything in the NFL but lose almost every game he played in for the Saints? Yeah okay.

    By MJ Ebam on Jul 20, 2013

  4. I am going to repeat the comment from above by The Truth, since you have that detail wrong and it is easily confirmed by watching Manziel’s SEC interview. Here’s hoping you correct, since you delayed the article to confirm all of the other details from your sources.:

    “Wait, did you even watch the SEC media day interview(s) with Johnny Manziel? The only thing he said was AJ MCCarron was his roommate. It’s the reporters that started asking why AJ didn’t wake him up. Manziel’s answer was that it wasn’t AJ’s responsibility and it was 100% on Manziel. You need to correct your story.”

    By Koby on Jul 20, 2013

  5. Ok, so does this story make your little website? Let me get this straight, a guy who can’t go out without someone taking his picture is out on Bourbon Street an hour away and no pictures. And your source is so good that they know he lies to his mom? Your talents here are wasted, we need people like you at the NSA.

    By Also the Truth on Jul 20, 2013

  6. He didn’t explicitly blame McCarron in the presser, but by not telling the full truth he left McCarron in an awkward position to explain his side of a story that only had one side. That’s indisputable. And he may have overslept, but it was misleading to give the impression it was in his dorm room. According to our source, he told his mom that AJ didn’t wake him up. And all I can say about the source is it was surprising to hear from this person.

    And the takeaway from this story isn’t the partying. No team is going to care too much about that. It’s that he created a perception that he thought he could be treated differently than the rest of the guys there. Maybe a perception is all it is. But that is the kind of thing that will give teams pause, right or wrong.

    By Hickey on Jul 20, 2013

  7. Your article reads like Manziel somehow threw AJ under the bus…when the only information volunteered was in response to a question about them being good friends (paraphrasing, “yeah we are are good friends, we even roomed together at the Manning camp”). I just don’t see how you can imply any selfishness or malevolence on the part of Manziel in response to that question.

    Also, in my three some decades of following COLLEGE sports I’ve never seen this amount of energy and angst being directed at an unpaid college kid for missing a volunteer activity in the offseason. It’s embarrassing for him…but that’s about it. He didnt murder someone, assault someone, rape someone, steal something, cheat in school, deal drugs, get caught with drugs, fail out of school, or even violate an NCAA rule. Don’t you think this level of scrutiny is now to the point of a complete and total overreaction by supposed grown men covering a 20 year old kid? How much time and effort has your website (and many others) spent documenting the evening of a college kid who may have (allegedly) partied too hard? Think about it: you have your very own Deep Throat feeding you info on a 20 year old kid sleeping through a volunteer practice session…I realize the blogging industry is tough and all, but WOW…

    By The Truth on Jul 21, 2013

  8. I was with the group of reporters interviewing Manziel when he was asked why A.J. didn’t wake him up. Manziel’s first response was “I don’t know. Maybe he was off doing his own thing.” Not exactly the truth. Then Manziel added that no one should “pin it” on A.J.

    By Sports Writer on Jul 21, 2013

  9. I’m sorry, but how many times are we gonna hear, “I’m 20 years old.” Grow a pair and act like a Heisman Trophy winner. When you earn that award, responsibility comes with it. No one gives a crap if you have some beer, but get your ass to camp. Why does he have a free pass?? “I guess AJ was doing his own thing.” Poor thing. You just have Saban some good stuff to chew on with his team for a few weeks. Enjoy your buffet of grass and dirt on Sept. 14th!

    By Krista on Jul 21, 2013

  10. I know this is rumors and rants. According to my sources. The Manning Passing Academy committed numerous crimes, namely supplying a minor with alcohol, but they weren’t alone. AJ was guilty of this as well. When becoming aware of this fact, the MPA selectively released rumors to this site to hide the story. My source who is incredibly credible heard AJ lying to his girlfriend who was shocked when she heard AJ was plying JFK with alcohol. Grow up AJ just come clean. Finally my sources are saying the local officials are becoming annoyed at the MPA making up its own rules. Seriously not only promoting underage drinking, but what about potential DUI’s?

    By Also the Truth on Jul 21, 2013

  11. underage drinking is not cool – someone is breaking the law. If he was smoking pot, which is less dangerous but no more illegal they would to look the other way. VERY SAD

    By leo on Jul 21, 2013

  12. Unless you or your “source” is willing to speak their name, or you are willing or abo to corroborate their story (this could all be a little oil money astroturfing at this point correct ?) it is COMPLETELY MEANINGLESS. Are you claiming that little Johnny was “plied” with alchohol like some 17 year old cheerleader ?! LOL you and your “incredibly credible” (does that sound like a phrase a literate writer would use to you ? Not to me either) source sound full of it. You don’t sound like a writer, and his points don’t make sense. At that age you should be man enough to have a couple of beers with the guys and not end up messing up the situation you CHOSE to be in. This has nothing to do with AJ. Go back to arranging little Johnny’s fathers appointments with senators, your exposé makes Johnny look like a joke. He’s a good ball pleayer, by he messed up, the way he’s handing it makes him look low. Good luck selling your crap “also…” You looser.

    By DNA on Jul 21, 2013

  13. Two words Matt Leinert…

    By AZ on Jul 21, 2013

  14. Love defensive aggys….

    “But, but, but!”

    He’s a tool! Get over it…

    By LOL Aggys on Jul 21, 2013

  15. I don’t care if he was sacrificing live goats to Satan on Bourbon street and bathing in their blood as long as come football season he handles his business on the field!

    By John W. on Jul 21, 2013

  16. Beautiful piece of reporting. Countability something this generation is completely out of touch with.

    By Frank on Jul 22, 2013

  17. Accountability is…
    (hate when that happens)

    By Frank on Jul 22, 2013

  18. …..sure seems to me that most of those who are responding to this story are aggies…..

    By Doc on Jul 22, 2013

  19. Lol ..no citation.. No audio.. Nothing. Just a story on a “rumors” site. Look. Im not a crazy college football fan or even an SEC or Manziel fan. I don’t pretend that I have an impact on games or like i’m somehow directly involved with the football program… but i just thought you should know…that your state is embarrassing. I love how 75% of your story is downright unquotable , while the other bit is laughably biased opinion on a severely personal level. Get an interview with Archie or Eli or Peyton, then maybe ill take your bs seriously. But some nameless guy who “works at the camp” and vaguely knows what he’s talking about and knows who “kicked” johnny out.. Yeah right. Most of the Forests around you may buy all this , but most of us ‘northern folk’ were not born yesterday and didn’t only need a 19 on our act to get in to school. I know how bamaganda works and that’s all this is. My favorite part is when you people say he lied to his mother.. How could any source you have other than Johnny or Karen even know that? What the guy on the phone just randomly blurted out ” oh yeah umm..he fuckin lied to his mom.. Don’t really know how I know that but yeah it happened..” . Get real . You people are dumb enough to believe your own spew.

    By Katrina>tornados on Oct 20, 2013

  20. “He didn’t explicitly blame McCarron in the presser, but by not telling the full truth he left McCarron in an awkward position to explain his side of a story that only had one side. ”

    You were the valedictorian huh?

    So by not saying “yes I remember being asleep and I remember not being NOT woken up by AJ ..AJ did not try to sanatorium me with passive aggressiveness”…that would have made it easier for AJ to answer the unfair questions? What about the million and one “unfair” questions you ignorant fucks think up for him? I would love to have a spelling bee with your entire alma mater

    By Bamatruth on Oct 20, 2013

  21. I read where daddy hired an attorney; that means there’s something to be defended against. The spin doctors can’t be far behind.

    By Joel on Dec 2, 2013

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