Exclusive: Johnny Manziel sent home from Manning Camp

July 13, 2013 – 11:07 pm by Hickey

Johnny Manziel

The maturation of Johnny Football continues to be a labor-intensive process.

Our boots on the ground in Thibodaux, La. — believe it or not, we have them — informed us that Johnny Manziel was sent home from the Manning Passing Academy on Saturday afternoon by Archie Manning himself. Our source, who wishes to remain anonymous because of his connection to the camp, gave us the scoop after Manziel showed up tardy Saturday afternoon after being out on the town Friday night. The Texas A&M star reportedly enjoyed himself a little too much Friday night and rolled back into the camp at Nicholls State University some time around noon Saturday before getting the boot.

Manziel was supposed to participate in the “Air It Out” competition along with other top collegiate passers Saturday evening. He didn’t. Camp officials told local media that Manziel “is sick” and was no longer at the camp. But our source claims he was kicked out at the behest of Manning paterfamilias Archie.

Granted, if Manziel was hungover as hell, the official party line of being sick might not even qualify as a little white lie. But unless he mysteriously ate some bad etoufee, it appears this illness was brought about by some behavioral choices.

Our friends at Busted Coverage found some pictures of Manziel and Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron hanging out Thursday night with Peyton and Eli Manning. Apparently Manziel wound up taking things a bit too far on Friday night as well. This is just the latest story about the offseason off-the-field antics of Manziel, which are best categorized as “Bobby Layne-esque.”

As guys who did plenty of dumb stuff during college, we can certainly empathize with the concept of letting a kid be a kid. But the playbook changes a bit when you have won the Heisman Trophy. And it changes even more when you are at a camp run by the First Family of NFL quarterbacks. If Manziel pissed off the Mannings, you can bet it will not reflect well in the eyes of NFL scouts.

It would appear Archie wanted to teach the kid a lesson, but not embarrass him by publicly explaining why he wasn’t present Saturday night. Manziel better take the message to heart if he doesn’t want to end up just another Heisman winner who couldn’t hack it when he got to the NFL.

Already this summer Manziel railed against living in College Station because of a parking ticket, after that incident, reports surfaced that he almost transferred away from Texas A&M before the 2012 season. Back in January Manziel felt comfortable taking pictures of himself with a ton of cash at a casino and he has sat courtside at a few NBA games.

The kid is clearly loving the spotlight, maybe a little too much. This latest incident might be the most troubling though.

*Several members of the Rumors and Rants staff contributed to this report

UPDATE: If Manziel was so “sick” Saturday morning that he had to leave the camp, he has apparently made a miraculous recovery. According to Twitter, he was out on the town in College Station late on Saturday night:


UPDATE No. 2: Since our original report we have talked to several other sources who were in attendance at the camp and they have confirmed that Manziel definitely was not sick despite what was reported to local media. They have also confirmed that he missed several meetings Saturday morning without informing anyone that he would not be able to attend. Most people at the camp assume he simply slept through them.

When he did show up around noon, Archie Manning pulled him aside and a short time later he was asked to leave.

UPDATE No. 3: ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports that camp officials were adamant that our report — assuming we are the aformentioned “Internet reports” — was inaccurate.

We concede it is possible that Manziel wasn’t hungover. No one who talked to us specifically saw him in that state. But he was certainly out the night before and definitely late to camp on Saturday and was asked to leave by Archie after they talked. So pardon us for presenting the possibility the two items are related.

The ESPN report also does not cite our multiple confirmations that Manziel went out to the bars when he returned to College Station on Saturday night, which seems an odd place for any ill person to visit in the recuperation process.

UPDATE No. 4: Dallas Morning News reporter Kate Hairopolous tweets that she received a text from Johnny Manziel’s father saying that he is home “resting and recuperating from dehydration.”



UPDATE NO. 5: ESPN writer Wright Thompson, who is one of the best in the business at what he does, gets mad at Kate Hairopolous for acknowledging that we exist. Because crediting your source is bad, apparently.

UPDATE THE LAST: Wright Thompson e-mailed us to let us know that he was Tweeting an inside joke for the benefit of people familiar with Dave Smith of the Dallas Morning News and not calling us out. Classy move we thought we should point out since Twitter can often lack nuance or context with its character limits.

For more updates on this story follow us on Twitter:

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  1. 64 Responses to “Exclusive: Johnny Manziel sent home from Manning Camp”

  2. Wow, this is not good for the leader of your team. What a horrible example for kids to see. I think Johnny football will have a pressure pack year with expectations that will tear him town. Hopefully once he gets back into the football season his focus will be on football only. He’s a great football player. His actions no matter how well he plays next season will cost him winning the Heisman again.

    By Brian on Jul 14, 2013

  3. The one thing All Greats have in common is they are all
    who they are. Johnny Can’t be Good because Johnny’s Great!

    In the Memory of Charles Woodson, Go Blue!

    By Walter on Jul 14, 2013

  4. Brian, maybe your kids should look up to you as a role model instead of a 20 year old celebrity football player. Might question your own parenting if they have to look any further than you.

    By Todd on Jul 14, 2013

  5. so what

    By tom on Jul 14, 2013

  6. You guys are all crazy. I had dinner with Johnny on Fri night and we headed back to the hotel around 10pm. Then, Got up and had breakfast at 7am. Whoever your “insider” is, find another one.

    By Frank on Jul 14, 2013

  7. Come on, Johnny. You’re better than this. Way better. Don’t give these media dipsticks the opportunity you’re giving them to portray you as a jerk. I watch YouTube footage of last year’s big college games late at night to get pumped up about the coming season. I had honestly forgotten how amazing and electrifying your performances were. That’s what everyone wants to think of when they think of Johny Football–not some boneheaded angst. Now straighten up and fly right. We know it can’t be easy to be under scrutiny all the time. But don’t make it any harder than it has to be either by giving a condescending sportswriter like this one ammunition. Now we’ll see you in Oxford on the 12th of October and you’d better bring your “A” game, hoss! Hotty Toddy!

    By Charles on Jul 14, 2013

  8. Typical aggy. He’s a perfect fit for that “school”.

    By aggywhoop on Jul 14, 2013

  9. We like to suck Johnny’s dick, so if anyone from texags reads this, please hook us up. signed, the shag

    By Shaggy Bevo on Jul 14, 2013

  10. Why don’t we get some collaboration from other sources before we come down on this kid.

    By Mike on Jul 14, 2013

  11. first i’d like to say…did someone really refer to themselves a the shag? Ok shaggin bevo. Anyways, the talking will end on the field come start of the season, till then thy found one kid to follow around because of his accomplishments.

    By RJM on Jul 14, 2013

  12. posted by Brian, “What a horrible example for kids to see”.

    posted by Todd, “Brian, maybe your kids should look up to you as a role model instead of a 20 year old celebrity football player. Might question your own parenting if they have to look any further than you”.

    To Todd,

    Maybe you should learn how to read and comprehend what the message is before you go casting stones! For you to sit there and troll on someone’s parenting style, truly displays your amazing character!

    By Jason on Jul 14, 2013

  13. Who cares? Stop putting a 20 year old on a pedestal. Just win.

    By AggieEE on Jul 14, 2013

  14. Its gonna be a long time before another freshman is awarded the Heisman!

    By PRBull on Jul 14, 2013

  15. I can’t stand Johnny Football, I’ll give him his dues, he is one hell of a football player, but I see some big issues in his future if he can’t get his crap together.

    By Braden Bannon on Jul 14, 2013

  16. This kid is the “Justin Bieber” of college football.

    By Syldadyl on Jul 14, 2013

  17. Too bad the kid is screwing himself. He needs to do some growing up.

    By Ud on Jul 14, 2013

  18. …and who keeps serving him alcohol?! Wat da #%@&!!!

    By Syldadyl on Jul 14, 2013

  19. YAWN…Braxton Miller will win the 2013 Heisman and be the 1st pick in the next NFL draft…I bet manzele wont even start at ohio state.

    By texas is losers on Jul 14, 2013

  20. You can have all the talent in the world but if you lack the discipline over your actions….it is a wasted gift. Clearly by winning the Heisman puts you in a different category of athletes and accountability is a must. I respect Manning’s decision to send him home….I am not a big Johnny Football fan because he is a smart*** and he has not proven himself as a role model for our youngsters.However, before he starts the downward spiral and finds himself into too much trouble….being an Alabama fan…..we want another shot at him. Almost with certainty it will have a totally different outcome.

    By donna on Jul 14, 2013

  21. This is so hilarious. Half the guys want him and Sumlin to go to the NFL and the other half want A&M to have a sophomore slump. Success equates to the NFL. A sophomore slump means both are back in College Station for another two years with no AJ McCarron at Bama, Mettenberger at LSU, or Murray at UGA.

    By Chill on Jul 14, 2013

  22. So what. ..he’s like 20…

    By who cares on Jul 14, 2013

  23. All I’ll say is NFL BUST! 1 & DONE!! Guess all the attention from the Heisman Trophy is too much for him to deal with!

    By Buffy on Jul 14, 2013

  24. That sounds like me…I was sent home from Jack Ruby Fantasy Camp because I arrived at the police parking garage late.

    By J.R. Clark on Jul 14, 2013

  25. it’s impossible to have “a little too much fun” in Thibodaux. trust me.

    By me on Jul 14, 2013

  26. “That sounds like me…I was sent home from Jack Ruby Fantasy Camp because I arrived at the police parking garage late.

    By J.R. Clark on Jul 14, 2013”

    Thread winner.

    By Russ from Winterset on Jul 14, 2013

  27. This kid might be a very good QB but he needs a reality check. People are treating him like a king because of the Heisman, and it’s understandable. But he needs to be working harder to prove it wasn’t a one year deal, instead of going to clubs,and partying all night. How in the world can someone be late to a Manning Camp. Long time Saints QB Archie Manning, 2x Super Bowl Champion QB Eli Manning, and perhaps the greatest QB to ever play the game, Peyton Manning. There is a combined 30+ years of QB knowledge.
    Manziel needs to grow up.

    By PackerMadness on Jul 15, 2013

  28. This is why the Heisman should be a “upper-classman” award.

    By kelly porter on Jul 15, 2013

  29. This slob should never of won the Heisman Trophy!

    By Gary on Jul 15, 2013

  30. Maybe someone could sit this kid down with Ryan Leaf for an hour or so, just to get an idea of how being an asshole can kill your career.

    By Dan on Jul 15, 2013

  31. Yeah, I was dehydrated a LOT after being drunk my senior year in college. That’s so funny.

    By Been There on Jul 17, 2013

  32. sounds like mummy and daddy are chief enablers of this behavior.

    By jahzebel on Jul 21, 2013

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