Even Buffalo is embarrassed to be from Buffalo

July 24, 2013 – 12:57 am by Hickey

buffalo bulls

Trying to determine low points in Buffalo sports history is always a dangerous activity that’s liable to send you tumbling into a dark pit of endless despair. So we’re not even going to attempt to grade things at this point, because if you’ve been down that road before you’re in no hurry to go back.

But even as dismal as things have gotten for Buffalo sports teams, at least none of them are pretending they aren’t even from Buffalo — until now.

The University of Buffalo football team unveiled its new uniforms this week, though in order to know that you’ll probably need a magnifying glass. Or perhaps a telescope. The front of the Bulls’ new unis are emblazoned with the words “State University of NEW YORK Buffalo.”

It appears the school is embarking on a similar marketing campaign as Louisiana-Lafayette, which has spent the past several years referring to itself as “Louisiana” in a clear effort to make people forget rival Louisiana-Monroe is on the same playing field.

In Buffalo’s case, it makes sense — Syracuse is a private school, so no other Division I program in the state can roll with the “New York” or “New York State” moniker. So even though the name Buffalo seems to be getting devalued, this ultimately may bring in more students and better athletes to the program. That combination may bring the strangest thing to hit town in years — a winner.

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