Boston Celtics: new players don’t look thrilled to be with team

July 16, 2013 – 10:11 pm by Ryan Phillips

Boston Celtics

On Monday the Boston Celtics introduced new players Keith Bogans, MarShon Brooks and Kris Humphries. None of the three guys looked happy to be there.

Standing holding their jerseys next to new head coach Brad Stevens and general manager Danny Ainge, the three men looked like they were about to face a firing squad. All three were acquired in the trade that sent Kevin Garnett, Jason Terry and Paul Pierce to the Brooklyn Nets last week.

The Celtics are firmly in the middle of a rebuild and all three guys (and Gerald Wallace) were brought in as part of a roster overhaul that won’t pay dividends for years. Everyone on Boston’s roster knows tough times are ahead as the team will likely look to build through the draft slowly. That means the Celtics won’t be winning for a while.

Still the above picture is just depressing. All three players look so disappointed.

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