Weird Sports Fads: Remembering Looney Tunes sportswear

June 24, 2013 – 12:25 am by Hickey

taz panthers

As I was grocery shopping around 10 p.m. on Sunday night — a lesson I learned to not soon repeat as I saw a kid no older than nine driving around in one of those George Costanza electric scooters before I was accosted by a man looking to give me $100 in food stamps — I managed to stumble upon something awesome. It was a woman wearing a Michigan football t-shirt with Looney Tunes characters on the front.

The Looney Tunes sportswear series was a 1990s fad that somehow slipped from my mind until I saw her. And it got me thinking that perhaps it has slipped the minds of others too. But what a flashback it triggered.

So while I could find no explanation for how Looney Tunes characters ended up on officially licensed sports apparel, the Internet was at least kind enough to provide me with plenty of examples of this long-lost art. (And if you had any examples in your own wardrobe, please share with us).


Cleveland Browns: I assume Tweety is the kicker. What really makes this shirt work is the presence of Wile E. Coyote, who is the fictional character that best represents the Browns franchise.


Dallas Cowboys: Same pattern, though it presumably sold more copies considering the Cowboys were at the height of their bandwagon-jumper powers and the Browns were about to be shipped off to Baltimore.

bulls kriss kross

Chicago Bulls: Bugs and Taz dressed as Kriss Kross while wearing Bulls gear? That’s more ’90s than Bill Clinton getting a hummer while watching “Get a Life.”


Boston Celtics: Imagine how much better Rick Pitino’s press conference would have been had he said “Daffy Duck isn’t walking through that door. Sylvester isn’t walking through that door.”

blue jays bugs

Toronto Blue Jays: A big key to Toronto’s back-to-back titles in ’92 and ’93 was pitcher Bugs Bunny’s ability to play every position.


Charlotte Hornets: If only Bugs and Taz were dressed like Kriss Kross. Then THIS would be the most ’90s thing ever.

marlins looney

Florida Marlins: I’d pay good money to see Lou Piniella get into it with umpire Yosemite Sam.

mavs looney

Dallas Mavericks: The ’90s Mavs were a pretty lousy operation, so it makes sense that Bugs Bunny wasn’t on the roster.

red sox taz

Boston Red Sox: Pretty sure this is the only time the New York Giants helmet font was ever used for the Red Sox. I also wonder how Buster Posey would have ended up if Taz collided with him at the plate a few years ago.

marvin giants

New York Giants: I sincerely question whether Dave Brown had the arm strength to throw a ball to Marvin The Martian on the moon.

taz wcw

World Championship Wrestling: We’re not going to top this one.

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  2. I am looking for a hat/baseball cap I had when I was 4 or 5 years old. This was around 1995-1996 when I know I had it. It was a multi-color Daffy Duck hat that was meant for children. It was the coolest this I have ever owned. The front above the bill of the hat was light pink and Daffy Duck was on that part. the sides were vertical black and white stripes with some more Looney Tune characters on it. I cannot find it anywhere online. Does anybody know a good website to search for this item. Could have been made in the 1980s or 1990s. Thanks for the help.

    By Kevin on Aug 29, 2013

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