Report: Johnny Manziel almost transferred away from Texas A&M in 2012

June 19, 2013 – 2:08 am by Ryan Phillips

Johnny Manziel

Johnny Manziel raised some eyebrows recently when he tweeted that he couldn’t wait to get out of College Station. The reigning Heisman Trophy winner apparently isn’t a happy where he is at Texas A&M and a new report has reinforced that.

According to The Dallas Morning News, Manziel nearly transferred away from Texas A&M before the 2012 season. He was arrested on June 29, 2012 for misdemeanor fighting, failure to identify and possession of fake IDs. He was suspended for the 2012 season as a result, but that suspension was later overturned on appeal.

In the aftermath he did express regret about the incident, but before the suspension was reversed, Manziel reportedly looked into transferring.

Manziel redshirted the 2011 season as a freshman, and it was generally assumed he would back up Jameill Showers in 2012, but “Johnny Football” won the starting job in August, just weeks before the season kicked off. The 20-year-old quarterback had a record-breaking redshirt freshman season on his way to becoming the first freshman in college football history to win the Heisman Trophy.

But had he been suspended for the 2012 season, Manziel reportedly felt it would have been necessary to transfer and not miss his second-straight year of football.

In 2012 Manziel set the FBS freshman single-season records for rushing yards by a quarterback (1,410) and total offense (5,116), and also became the first freshman (and fifth player ever) to total 3,000 passing yards and 1,000 rushing yards in a season. He also set the SEC record for total offense in a season.

Last Saturday Manziel posted the following on Twitter:

“Bullsh*t like tonight is why I can’t wait to leave college station… whenever it may be.”

He has since deleted that tweet, but added:

“Don’t ever forget that I love A&M with all of my heart, but please please walk a day in my shoes.”

At this point I think most of the country is suffering from Manziel fatigue, but still, imagine how different things would be if he had, indeed, left Texas A&M before last season.

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  1. 13 Responses to “Report: Johnny Manziel almost transferred away from Texas A&M in 2012”

  2. “imagine how different things would be if he had, indeed, left Texas A&M before last season.”
    Well, let’s start with no stadium expansion, no Heisman trophy, no increased hotel prices, no johnny football fatigue, no alumni licking their chops for a national championship, and no headaches for the locals. Hmmm! sounds like an upgrade to what we have.

    By Sam on Jun 19, 2013

  3. Who Really cares he is a spoiled kid let he go and play some where else.

    By MH on Jun 19, 2013

  4. While he is an excellent quarterback on the field, my perception is that he is not a good fit at A&M. His attitude and off field shenanigans are an embarrasment to the school I have loved all my life; to a school full of great academics and military history comparable to the US Military Service Schools. The perception he portrays is that he is all about “ME, ME, ME,” and that is NOT what A&M is about at all. We stand in this together, not as an individual. Shame on you Manziel. Pull your head out.

    By csmchastain on Jun 19, 2013

  5. Funny, he’s one of those people that seem to need and enjoy the national spotlight then complain when that spotlight is on them too much. Dude’s got no problem tweeting and posting pics of himself at every chance he gets but now wants others “to walk in his shoes.” Maybe Johhny Manziel should walk in Tim Tebow’s shoes to see how to really handle media attention(most of which Tebow does NOT bring on himself but media outlets like ESPN do) and the spotlight with maturity and dignity. Manziel would rather post video of himself hanging from the rim before Spurs games than try to be an adult. Dude’s just as bad as Rob Gronkowski with the constant self imposed media attention. If you’re not happy, shut up and leave. Quit crying.

    By Michael Klein on Jun 19, 2013

  6. Im am so OVER that kid! He tired of it now, just wait …hes ugly as hell on the inside AND outside! GROW UP and remember that you are part of a TEAM! Its not all about you little boy!

    By tiredofsissymanziel on Jun 19, 2013

  7. Manziel had a great freshman year but his ego is going to reck his sophmore season to the point that he will have to comeback for his junior season to improve his draft selection. He is reminding me of another freshman who had it all but his ego ruined him. If Johnny football wants to see his future, that is if he remains on the path that his incredible ego is leading him on, then he needs to look at The Ohio State great freshamn of 2002, Maurice Clarett, and that was just 10 years ago.

    By Manzielreadytoblowup on Jun 19, 2013

  8. Jeez people give it a rest! There are far more important issues to discuss then someone’s twitter!

    By Cooper520 on Jun 20, 2013

  9. A&M’s military history is in no way comparable to the military academies. It’s a fallacy if not an outright lie, and one that the aggie faithful can’t wait to embrace at any turn. It’s frankly insulting, and I’m fairly certain the alumni of both VMI and the Citadel would agree. The aggie corps’ rate of contribution to the military is somewhere between that of a social fraternity and any average ROTC program. if csm stands for Command Sergeant Major (and I doubt it does) then you should know better. Shame on you.

    By Black Scholes on Jun 20, 2013

  10. You seriously need to do your research before you comment and look foolish

    “Texas A&M produced 20,229 Aggies who served in combat. Of those, 14,123 were commissioned as officers, more than the combined total of the United States Naval Academy and the United States Military Academy during the same timeframe.[5] Over 250 Aggies have served as Generals or Flag Officers,[6] while seven former students have been awarded the highest United States military award, the Medal of Honor:”

    By Wreckcrew on Jun 22, 2013

  11. People, Johnny Football is a young man who has done and will continue to do what young men do. His entire career won’t rest on what he did when he was 19, 20 years old. Geesh, he is right where he should be. I love his cockiness, he deserves to display it because he is good but he is not arrogant. I think the world of him and I am by no means an A&M fan (though I like Manziel & Sumlin).

    By Nete on Dec 3, 2013

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