Report: Alex Rodriguez refused to pay for Tony Bosch’s legal fees

June 6, 2013 – 1:24 am by Ryan Phillips

Alex Rodriguez

The New York Daily News is reporting that New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez refused to pay Tony Bosch money to help with his legal fees, and as a result he cut a deal with Major League Baseball. Bosch allegedly asked Rodriguez for an amount in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Bosch is the owner of the now defunct Biogenesis anti-aging clinic in South Florida that is currently at the center of a massive baseball doping case. Major League Baseball had filed a lawsuit against Bosch, and he needed financial assistance to fight it. He turned to Rodriguez, one of his alleged clients, and the 37-year-old slugger turned down his request for money.

MLB then quickly reached an agreement with Bosch for him to cooperate in its long-running investigation, which could turn out to be the biggest drug scandal in baseball history. Baseball’s league office was worried that if it didn’t work out some kind of deal with Bosch to testify, he might turn to some of his former clients for financial help.

Bosch is expected to provide details on the involvement of his clinic with Rodriguez, Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun and almost two dozen other players he has reportedly had direct contact with or sent performance-enhancing drugs to.

The accused players will certainly attempt to poke holes in any testimony Bosch gives, given that he may not be the most trustworthy source. But the public will have a tough time believing the players, some of whom (Rodriguez, Braun, Melky Cabrera and several others) have already been connected to performance-enhancing drug use in the past.

Braun and Rodriguez are certainly the big fish in this story, and word came out on Tuesday evening that baseball was preparing to suspend each player for 100 games as a result of what it had learned from Bosch.

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  1. 8 Responses to “Report: Alex Rodriguez refused to pay for Tony Bosch’s legal fees”

  2. No matter, whether A-Rod paid or not, he is doomed. And he deserves whatever comes to him. He’s been stupidly flirting with fire. About time he got burned. For good.

    By coolnewyorker on Jun 6, 2013

  3. When these players get suspended for drug use, they should be suspended WITHOUT pay. If suspended for 100 games, it’ll be the same as playing (or not playing in A-Rod’s case). Still collecting a paycheck for doing nothing… like he’s done since he’s been a Yankee. Good riddance…they should have gotten rid of him & his ego years ago!

    By sensemaker on Jun 6, 2013

  4. Nothing will happen. This guy Bosch is a scumbag and the Player Union lawyers will shred him. The guy has 0 credibility and has every incentive in the world to testify against the players. MLB has dropped all charges and future litigation against Bosch for his testimony. I’m not saying the players are innocent, but MLB better have some hard evidence other than this guys word

    By JW on Jun 6, 2013

  5. sensemaker, you are making no sense right now. mlb players are not paid during a suspension for peds. you may want to research before ranting, my friend.

    By deathtoallpoliticians on Jun 6, 2013

  6. If they (players) are dirty, suspend them without pay. Why do you think A-Rod is not dirty as the rest of them. A-Fraud is a beeter nick name for this immigrant!!!

    By Dey Dey on Jun 6, 2013

  7. That couple of hundred thousand looks cheap about now to A-rod. It is that last arrogant mistake that gets ’em.

    By Marvel Goose on Aug 2, 2013

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