Red Sox fan awarded $4.3 million by Connecticut jury

June 28, 2013 – 3:25 am by Hickey


It’s been a bad week for Boston sports fans. So bad that the best thing that has happened to one of them required getting stabbed in the neck.

A jury in Connecticut awarded a Red Sox fan, Monte Friere, $4.3 million on Thursday after finding a restaurant negligent for continuing to serve a Yankees fan who went on to stab Friere in a 2010 incident.

The case appears to be one of the all-time moments in assholedom.

Friere was assaulted by Yankees fan John Mayor — apparently nowhere near as sensitive as his homophonic namesake — at a restaurant called U.S.S. Chowder Pot III. (I couldn’t dream of making such a place up). The jury agreed that the bartending staff at the Chowder Pot should have stopped serving Mayor, who welcomed Friere and his friends to the establishment by saying “This is Yankees territory, you’re not welcome here.”

Things escalated from there faster than a news-team rumble in the backstreets of San Diego as Mayor eventually stabbed Friere, who has suffered a stroke, impaired speech and vision as well as scarring from the incident.

Attorneys for the Chowder Pot plan on appealing the ruling on the grounds that there was no way the staff could have made the assumption Mayor was capable of escalating the situation from verbal harassment to stabbing a man in the freaking neck. He is currently doing 10 years in the joint for said action.

I can see the restaurant’s point — you expect Yankees and Sox fans to talk trash to one another, particularly in a “battleground” state like Connecticut. But you don’t expect it to literally become a battleground. However, somebody should be paying for the suffering that Friere has gone through, and I would assume the clown who stabbed him doesn’t exactly have the bankroll to do so. Stabby people rarely have much cash.

Maybe someone can draw up a countersuit against ESPN for convincing us that every four-hour game in this rivalry is a life-and-death struggle and save the Chowder Pot some clams. (What? You think I could just leave that pun hanging over the plate?)

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