Dodgers still upset at Diamondbacks after brawl

June 13, 2013 – 12:51 am by Ryan Phillips

Dodgers Diamondbacks brawl

The Los Angeles Dodgers and Arizona Diamondbacks got into a bean-ball war on Tuesday night, and that led to two benches-clearing standoffs, one of which turned into a brawl. Any hopes that cooler heads would prevail after a day have gone right out the window.

The Dodgers are still upset about the fight, as they feel Diamondbacks pitcher Ian Kennedy intentionally threw at the heads of rookie outfielder Yasiel Puig and pitcher Zack Greinke. The pitch to Puig glanced off his shoulder and grazed his nose, while Greinke had a ball deflect off his helmet and hit his left shoulder. After Greinke was hit, a brawl ensued that saw six players and coaches ejected.

In between those two incidents, Greinke hit Diamondbacks catcher Miguel Montero in the back, which prompted the first benches-clearing standoff.

Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw said the team is upset because if Puig and Greinke hadn’t reacted fast enough, both could have ended up in the hospital.

Kershaw continued:

“Do I think Kennedy hit Puig on purpose? No. But the fact that he’s a professional pitcher and he’s throwing at faces. Then to do it again in Zack’s face, there’s no place for that. If you can’t throw inside, don’t go there.”

Dodgers manager Don Mattingly had the following to say about the incident:

“Anything like that is going to leave a lot of taste in people’s mouths…The second ball (to Greinke) is no doubt intentional. That’s two balls thrown last night that could have ended guys’ careers.”

Diamondbacks manager Kirk Gibson denied that Kennedy was head-hunting Greinke saying, “That’s not our intent.”

I thought Kennedy hitting Puig was an accident, you can tell by his reaction that the pitch got away from him. And the Dodgers believe that after Montero was hit, the score was settled and things were even. I agree with that as well. Kennedy then going up high and hitting Greinke was uncalled for and it should result in a lengthy suspension.

Something tells me these two division rivals will have another incident at some point this season.

Dodgers reliever Ronald Belisario put it bluntly when he said, “It’s not done.”

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  1. 5 Responses to “Dodgers still upset at Diamondbacks after brawl”

  2. They really need to get over it, concentrate on winning some ballgames.

    By Robert on Jun 13, 2013

  3. The hit on Puig was on a 1-2 count, set up onside low, the ball could have just been a mistaken misplaced pitch. But it wasn’t intentional to me. The Montero was clearly aimed at him. It was clear as day. If it was retailiation for game played weeks earlier, too bad, they had 2 games before this to do so thus they clearly lost the right to do so. So Kennedy took it to the pitcher who continued it. Go cry me a river if you think the D-Backs response was too rough. To answer the question on who fault it was. It was clearly the dodgers. They are too thin-skinned and too much of a crybaby over what happened weeks ago. And when it comes to who is even that it a losing game. your idea of even and my idea of even will never be the same.

    By Russ on Jun 13, 2013

  4. From the replays I watched both pitches from Kennedy were intentional and the pitch from Greinke was old school rules you throw at my teammates I will throw back at yours the difference was the Dodgers weren’t throwing at the D-backs heads his pitch hit in the back no possible injury from that the shots at the head can end careers.i think Arizona should have had even worse suspensions and more of them than they got. As too the pitch that got away pitches don’t just get away when they are intended to hit someone in the head or face.

    By Roger on Jun 14, 2013

  5. I am a Padres fan with no dog in this fight and I can say with almost 100 percent certainty the pitch to Puig was not intentional. If you watch the replay Kennedy is pissed he hit him because he had him in a 1-2 hole. Montero is set up low and inside, the pitch just got away from Kennedy. Most of the Dodgers even agree that it wasn’t intentional. But the one to Greinke definitely was. No question about it.

    The issue I have with Kennedy’s response was that he went for the head. At least Greinke went for Montero’s back. You’re supposed to aim for the hip, or the back if you throw at a guy, never the head.

    By Ryan Phillips on Jun 14, 2013

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