Kelly Crull: San Diego Padres drench Fox Sports reporter for second time

June 1, 2013 – 2:27 pm by Ryan Phillips

Kelly Crull

The San Diego Padres may be developing a bit of a tradition after extra inning wins. For the second time this week the Padres scored an extra inning win, and after both games they ended up dumping a cold liquid on Fox Sports San Diego sideline reporter Kelly Crull.

On Wednesday the Padres beat the Seattle Mariners 3-2 on a bases loaded single by outfielder Will Venable in the bottom of the 10th inning. As Crull tried to interview Venable after the win, first baseman Yonder Alonso attempted to dump orange Powerade on him. Alonso nailed Venable, but also soaked Crull in the process.

Video of that is below:

On Friday night after Jesus Guzman delivered a game-winning single in the bottom of the 17th inning against the Toronto Blue Jays, Crull again tried to interview the game’s hero. As she did, Padres shortstop Everth Cabrera approached with a water-filled bucket.¬†Guzman grabbed Crull and held her while Cabrera soaked both of them.

Enjoy the video below:

It appears we have the makings of a San Diego tradition after walk-off wins.

To her credit Crull was a great sport about it both times and even sent out some tweets about the experience.

Hopefully the Padres will front some money to cover her dry cleaning bills.

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  1. 3 Responses to “Kelly Crull: San Diego Padres drench Fox Sports reporter for second time”

  2. She likes it when a group of guys gang up and spray her with wet, sticky stuff.

    By Coach K on Jun 2, 2013

  3. I have sprayed her down manymany times

    By Captain Balls on Jun 2, 2013

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