Titus Young ignores judge in court, family wants him locked up

May 26, 2013 – 2:55 am by Ryan Phillips

Titus Young

As we all know, former Detroit Lions wide receiver Titus Young has been going through a bad stretch lately and things only got worse on Friday. The troubled NFL dropout is currently in jail awaiting trial on 11 separate charges including four felony counts of attempted burglary.

During a hearing on Friday, Young ignored the presiding judge and refused to answer any questions directed to him. As a result, Judge Andre Manssourian doubled the 23-year-old’s bail to $50,000 because he believes, “Mr. Young poses a danger to the community.”

At this point I could’t agree more.

During the hearing Young didn’t respond when Manssourian said “Good morning, sir,” “Can you hear me?” and “Are you Titus Demetrius Young?”

Young’s lawyer, Altus W. Hudson II, has claimed that his client was simply exercising his right to remain silent.

Young also ignored his father who called out to him in the Orange County (Calif.) Superior Court. Young’s father Richard has claimed his son suffers from a brain disorder and needs medical help.

Former Lions teammate Stephen Tulloch has claimed that Young reached out to him and told him he wanted to get cured. Tulloch had the following to say about the situation:

He’s aware of the situation that he’s dealing with and he showed me a paper and we went over it and I looked over it, and I understand. A lot of people laugh about it and ke-ke-ke about it, but it’s real. He has head issues, and the Titus Young when he came in as a rookie and the Titus Young now is two different people.

It’s kind of like when you look at him, he’s looking through you. It’s different. You can tell there’s something going on in his mind, in his head, and I hope that he can get help.

Young’s attorney claimed his client’s family would prefer if he remains behind bars until his next hearing on June 4. That’s completely understandable since the Boise State product currently is on such a destructive path.

Hudson also requested the right to have a mental health professional evaluate Young. That request was granted.

Young was arrested three times in one week earlier this month, including twice on the same day (May 5). His recent string of arrests and his erratic behavior when he was a member of the Lions have derailed what was once a promising young career.

Hopefully someone can help Young figure out his life because right now he is in a very dark place.

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