Mario Williams sues ex for $785,000 engagement ring

May 14, 2013 – 11:54 pm by Hickey


Since it’s impossible to earn a ring on the field as a Buffalo Bill, Mario Williams is going to court.

The highest-priced free agent defensive end in NFL history will go to a hearing Friday in Houston after suing his ex-fiancee for the $785,000 engagement ring he proposed to her with. The ex in question, Erin Marzouki, countered Williams’ claim with a suit of her own on Monday.

Williams’ lawsuit claims that Marzouki was some Bunny Lebowski type who was just using him for his fame and fortune, and should return the ring since they aren’t actually getting married.

The counter-suit alleges that Williams was the one who broke the whole thing off, and calls his claims “ridiculous” and “patently false.”

The saga brings to mind that of former Cowboys and Bears wide receiver Roy Williams, who also filed a lawsuit to get an engagement ring returned in 2011. However, his case was a bit different in that the woman he proposed to turned him down. The problem was the dumbass mailed the engagement ring, so there really wasn’t a built-in “Hey, can I have that back?” scenario.

Both stories bring to mind the greatest tale of ring absconding in football history, though neither party was interested in marriage. (As far as we know).

Back in 2005, Patriots owner Robert Kraft decided to let Russian president Vladimir Putin try on his ring from Super Bowl XXXIX in one of those intended moments of international solidarity. Putin misread the gesture as meaning the ring was his to keep, and in the interest of not starting some sort of international incident, Kraft just kind of shrugged it off and let the former KGB guy keep it.

At the end of this case, Mario Williams may be wishing he’d been more like Kraft. Even if he gets the thing back, it may not be worth the cost of what he hears from opposing offensive tackles for the rest of his career.

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