LeRoy Butler supports Jason Collins, forced to cancel speaking event at church

May 1, 2013 – 7:44 am by Ryan Phillips

LeRoy Butler

Former Green Bay Packers safety LeRoy Butler will always be known as the guy who created the Lambeau Leap, but perhaps now we’ll also remember him as a man who stands up for his convictions and publicly calls out hypocrisy.

On Tuesday night Butler took to Twitter to reveal that he was forced to cancel a speaking engagement at a church because he voiced support for NBA center Jason Collins coming out of the closet. A member of the church contacted Butler and said the pastor wanted to cancel the event because of a supportive tweet the former All-Pro safety had sent congratulating Collins (tweet after the jump).


Butler was told that his tweet violated the moral clause of his contract and if he deleted it, apologized and asked God for forgiveness, he would be allowed to keep the speaking engagement and the $8,500 he was set to earn. He refused and tweeted, “Only god can judge.”

Here is the series of tweets:





I can’t express how impressed I am by Butler, not only for publicly supporting Collins and standing by his tweet, but also for going public and explaining himself. We need more people like Butler in the world. Some things are more important than money, like standing up for what you believe.

For those interested, the 44-year-old Butler now runs the LeRoy Butler Foundation, which helps women dealing with breast cancer.

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  1. 39 Responses to “LeRoy Butler supports Jason Collins, forced to cancel speaking event at church”

  2. The beauty of America…you have your right to your opinion and others have a right to respond.

    By 1mansopinion on May 1, 2013

  3. The church was foolish to pay $8500 for him to speak, anyway….money saved & not wasted.

    By 1mansopinion on May 1, 2013

  4. Your last line says We need more people like Butler who stand up for what you believe. I guess you mean you should stand up for what you believe as long as it agrees with what you believe but if you are a church sit down and shut up

    By Barry Bowyer on May 1, 2013

  5. Both LeRoy and the church did what they thought best for their personal and organizational needs. This does not mean I support the anti-gay endorsement of the church, but rather support the freedom of choice exercised by the church and then by LeRoy. I respect LeRoy for standing by his principles–and I respect the church for doing the same. I have no problems with either.

    It does make me realize why I rarely attend church. Priest molesting boys seems like a bigger problem than LeRoy Butler speaking at your church. But that is just me.

    By lars1459 on May 1, 2013

  6. I’m never one to comment but I agree with Lars 100%. I could not have said it any better. Well said

    By Devin Gonzalez on May 1, 2013

  7. Barry,
    I wasn’t saying that the church should sit down and shut up. In fact, I don’t say anything negative about the church. What I am applauding is that Butler wasn’t swayed by money.

    By Ryan Phillips on May 1, 2013

  8. A+ Leroy! I would like to add: Those who are perfect may cast the first stone!

    By Linda on May 1, 2013

  9. People claim to speak in the name of God and then speak that which is clearly contradictory to what God has revealed as his will in the Bible. Can anyone truly read Romans 1:26-27 and believe that God supports homosexuality?

    By Leon on May 1, 2013

  10. Sad so sad, Jesus said come to me as you are but some churches are too busy wanting people to deny who they are before they come to Jesus :-(! L.B. is right only God can judge a person’s heart and true intent, and all mankind heart and intent was opposite to God’s standards “prior to their conversion”… With time and chance all have a chance to change and to see things God’s way!

    By Nathaniel on May 1, 2013

  11. Response to Romans 1:26-27. No God doesn’t support homosexuality but if you read verses 29-32 He (God) doesn’t zero in on just one sin as mankind does when they want to point out homosexuality only! He God also doesn’t support those things in verses 29-30 that many in our churches are committing too!

    By Nathaniel on May 1, 2013

  12. you find the biggest hippocrits are in the church. sometime i think being of the faith means being bettet than others.

    By norm k. on May 1, 2013

  13. discrimination is still discrimination, even if cloaked in religion interpretation — Jesus is all about inclusion, not exclusion.

    By Jack Evans on May 1, 2013

  14. For all of the people that love to quote only the part of the BIBLE that says JUSUS said come as you are. That is so very true but if you just keep reading you will find out that no one stayed the same because JUSUS said go and SIN no more. I can’t understand why everyone wants to speak for the CHURCH when you are not a part of it. The only time we want GOD in our lives is when something tragic happens and all you see nis signs saying GOD BLESS AMERICA. Sorry but that’s not how it works you can’t just call him when you get into something you can’t get your self out of.

    By thomas rogers on May 1, 2013

  15. I see very good points made on both side of this argument. So, I will only ask two things of those who read this thread and have a conviction either way (regardless of whether you’ll be bold enough to post or not).
    #1) Please have an open mind to listen to what the other side is saying, digest it, and then respond.
    #2) Please know that its one thing to judge according to one’s own righteousness, and, another altogether to judge according to what what sayeth the Lord.
    To the sceptic of the church-yes, we all have our sins that we have dealt with (and some are still dealing with sins), but don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. we’re not all hypocrits.

    By DeShon on May 1, 2013

  16. Good point Thomas

    By DeShon on May 1, 2013

  17. As a Lutheran Pastor, it has been my experience that there certainly are more hypocrites in church than anywhere else. Why not? We set impossibly high standards and then fail to live up to them. Of course, the problem is not that we are hypocrites, but that we we pick and choose those portions of the Bible we choose to believe (and anyone who wears clothing made of two different cloths or refuses to stone to death an adulteress is ignoring the same part of the Bible that condemns homosexuality – and the fact that Paul agreed with that part of Leviticus should not surprise anyone, since he was schooled in the Torah). We then choose to condemn those who ignore those parts of the scriptures that we are so interested it. That’s not really hypocracy, it is dishonesty in our spiritual dealings with the world.

    Of course my opinion is colored by the fact that I have a gay brother who I love unreservedly, and another brother who is a hard-core, right wing fundamentalist and is probably the meanest, most judgmental man I have ever met.

    So there you go. A problem that is a whole lot more complex than a few comments or a former defensive back can solve. (Full discolsure: hard-core Packer fan too. Go, Leroy!)

    By Victor on May 1, 2013

  18. Just like Collins and the rest of the gay community,we christians ought not be afraid or intimidated to stand up for what we “believe”.I have gays in my family ,love them to death,but don’t agree with their life styles.I love you Mr.Collins.God is Love.

    By horace on May 1, 2013

  19. If Lee Roy is such a good Christian why is he taking money to speak at a church??

    By Guest on May 1, 2013

  20. If we are talking about sin, then let’s look at Luke 16:18 which states that ‘a man who divorces his wife and marries another woman commits adultery and a divorced woman who marries, commits adultery.’ Sin is sin.

    By John on May 1, 2013

  21. The REAL issue, is not what sin is worse, but celebrating a sin. Collins sins as well as everyone of us sins. Coming out and trying to change social and religious doctrine pertaining to certain sins is why this has become an issue. If I announce to the world and celebrate being a blasphemer(which most of us are guilty of),adulterer or thief it doesn’t change the fact that it is a sin. I believe that homosexuality is a sin. I don’t think it should be celebrated. Why does the LGBT community feel the need to talk to the world about their lifestyles? Should I discuss what happens at home with my wife in my bedroom?

    By Luke on May 1, 2013

  22. Sorry, i have to comment on the “Jesus is all about inclusion” remark. He died to save us from our sins, but he also said, “I am the way the truth and the life, no one comes to the father but through me.” (Gospel of John 14:6) It is inclusion in the sense that we who were never able to establish a relationship with God are included, but it is exclusive in the sense that it is only through Jesus that we can come into a relationship with God. If you wish to speak for Jesus, read what he said and did.

    By Steve on May 1, 2013

  23. Leroy runs a charity that money received for events like this gets. To imply he isn’t Christian because he gets paid is stupid.

    By Bill on May 1, 2013

  24. Luke, it is not a matter of celebration. It has to do with basic rights that everyone else has under the constitution. The reason the LGBT is fighting is because they should have the same rights as everyone else. When a high profile person comes out, it shows that peoples misconceptions are wrong. Irespect your beliefs, but this country was not founded on 1 belief system which is why seperation of church & state is in the constitution. Otherwise they would have just declared whatever the majority religion was as the official religion.

    By Bill on May 1, 2013

  25. Good for the Church, homosexuality is an abnormal “vice” that some people choose to think is OK. IT’S NOT! It’s an abomination and needs to be treated as such. We as a society need to quit making excuses for immorality and take a stronger stand against those who choose to follow a path of self indulgence- that’s really all it is. Pathetic!!

    By stosh jablonsky on May 1, 2013

  26. Reggie White would NOT have voted for Obama and certainly NOT have supported Collins in his deviant and unnatural sexual practice. Neither would Jackie Robinson, a devout born-again Christian, who prayed with Branch Rickey, also a devout Christian. Jesus Christ warned of allowing sin to overtake us and becoming like Sodom and Gomorrah. Jesus also said, “God created male and female, and they would become one.” Not male and male, nor female and female. Which side do YOU want to be on? The winning or losing one?

    By cmaglaughlin on May 1, 2013

  27. Yes….Mr Butler and the church have a right to their opinions…But then I see instead of respecting that…. Mr Butler goes to tweeting trying to making the church look bad..Lets face Mr Butler could have just let it go…but no he had to draw attention to himself by tweeting….yes only God can judge…but you used poor judgement in tweeting it..In the end it became about Mr Butler and him wanting attention…

    By keith on May 1, 2013

  28. You are right Mr. Butler, only God can judge, but it is the church’s responsiblity to teach all of us what God approves of and disapproves of. And it is our responsibilty to make sure that the church is acurate in their teaching. How do we do that? By studying scripture. Whether or not you agree with that teaching, you will have to answer for that. May God make His presence know in your life, so that you may come to know Him and the Love that He has for you, God Bless.

    By greenhornet on May 1, 2013

  29. You bunch, of self righteous, assholes,Just because someone tweets congrats to someone for standing up and saying that he is true to him self, what is wrong with that, What does anyone know how “God” feels about Gays, because it’s in the bible, the bible was written hundreds of years after Jesus died, and it was highly edited, and a lot was left out, if you believe everything in the bible, then slavery is a good thing,it said that in the bible, women are second to men, the year is 2013, not 700 AD,lets move forward, not backwards,

    By dddecker on May 2, 2013

  30. Bill: If you find the separation of church and state in the US Constitution, you’ll be the FIRST! There is a website offering $50,000 if you do! Such a separation of church and state, however, IS found in the old USSR’s constitution.

    By cmaglaughlin on May 2, 2013

  31. I am a professional church soloist; I receive taxable income for my services, as does my pastor, church secretary, church custodians and those who do church maintenance in order to create an environment for worship. The issue here is bigotry; gender-based and preferential orientation based…the final fields of the battles of evangelical Christian bigotry. When was the last time you saw a female Southern Baptist pastor, or even a female Roman Catholic priest. Someone said to me once that God must hate evangelical Christians, as he made so few of them. My response is that God made so many of them in order to provide a forum for real contemporary social discourse. Remember, God created the serpent, too.

    By gamelan9 on May 2, 2013

  32. dddecker,
    You are so woefully ignorant of biblical history and archaeology. Since you sound like a true atheist, enlighten yourself here. Get back to me.

    By cmaglaughlin on May 2, 2013

  33. dddecker,
    Again, ignorant about biblical things. There were many different kinds of slavery in scripture. To pay a debt and for crimes. The Bible was adamant against kidnapping, which fueled the slave trade in the US(which happened to be greatly run by BLACK slave traders). Thus, you can conclude the Bible was against the only kind of slavery you and most are aware. Did you know The 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution did not abolish slavery but retained justifiable slavery, which is moral, biblical, and avoids the tragedy of widespread bankruptcy and epidemic incarceration.
    “Section 1–Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude,
    except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted,
    shall exist within the United States…”

    By cmaglaughlin on May 2, 2013

  34. there is nothing wrong saying you are struggling with sin. It’s a whole other ball game to support it as if its ok. Whether its stealing, lying, murder or anything else. If Leroy had said I support sex out of wedlock Im sure he would have been denounced as well.

    By Guest on May 2, 2013

  35. your supposed god made us in his image, there for god is gay, too! queer that he is, he would support a fellow gay man like mr. collins, right? i know the hypocrates will find my words offensive, i don’t care! the god most revere is not a good god, he is vengeful and judgemental, at least in the old testament. then in the new testament he is the nice, good guy you might have a beer with. get god straight, is he old testament god or new testament god? or, is he a schizoid?

    By chas6969 on May 2, 2013

  36. I am behind Leroy in congratulating Collins. God created all men equal. This is why I don’t believe in “Organized Religion”. As long as it’s between two consenting adults, it’s none of my business. Go Leroy for sticking to your beliefs.

    By Lisa S on May 2, 2013

  37. Wow, all you bible thumpers should be ashamed of yourself. Being homosexual is not a sin as you call it. It’s who that person is, period. LeRoy was absolutely right in this instance and the church was 100% wrong. Churches are inherently prejudiced and tend to look the other way when one of their own commits a crime yet act all righteous and holier than thou. It makes me sick. Take a look at most of the wars in history and religious beliefs are sure to be found as one of the biggest issues. There are so many different religions how is anyone supposed to know who’s actually correct? Who says christians are correct? Who says jews are correct? By the way, all bibles are 100% fiction…they are stories meant to guide you along the path that religion wants you to go on and different religions decifer them in different ways. So, bible thumpers, get over yourself; being homosexual isn’t immoral, it’s a way of life.

    By Joe on May 2, 2013

  38. If you don’t believe that Homosexuality is sin then thats what you believe don’t try to make it right by cherry picking the bible. I’ll never have a problem if you believe in Homesexuality and support it just as long as you don’t try to bring the bible in it because you will run to a dead end everytime eventually. Just say you don’t believe in the bible, God, religion etc and stop hating others who don’t believe in supporting homosexuality.

    By rob on May 2, 2013

  39. To,Rob the bible thumpers are the ones bring the Bible in to it, quoting from it. Speaking for “God” That being Gay is a sin, you are the one’s cherry picking the bible, I agree with the comments of “Joe” just get over yourself and stop hating on Gays. To cmaglaughlin “Stick it where the sun don’t shine”

    By dddecker on May 3, 2013

  40. You are a disgrace to humanity

    By Lee on May 4, 2013

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