Vince Young goes back to school for Pro Day

March 27, 2013 – 12:02 am by Hickey

vy texas

If a return to college could benefit Thornton Mellon, then maybe it can do the same for Vince Young.

The artist formerly known as VY was back in Austin on Tuesday to participate in Texas Pro Day alongside the Longhorns entering this year’s draft class. Young is attempting to get somebody — anybody — to sign him after spending last season out of football after getting cut by the Bills (!) in the preseason.

Young worked out for 30 minutes under the direction of current Texas offensive coordinator Major Applewhite. (No coeds were boned during the session).

Of course, the question with Young has never been one of arm strength. It’s whether he has the intellect and leadership skills to be an NFL quarterback. Granted, when teams like the Cardinals attempt putting whatever the hell they tried putting behind center last year, you’d have to think Young is still a viable option for somebody.

The fact Young had to resort to going to his alma mater’s Pro Day indicates he’s willing to do anything to get back into the league. Of course, it also shows how far he has fallen. He wouldn’t have to resort to this if anybody wanted to touch him with a 10-foot pole.

We’ll just have to see if he was able to execute his version of the Triple Lindy when training camp comes around.

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