Video: Kyle Clifford lays out Roman Polak in great hockey fight

March 6, 2013 – 2:23 am by Ryan Phillips

On Tuesday night during the Los Angeles Kings’ 6-4 comeback win over the St. Louis Blues, Kings forward Kyle Clifford and Blues enforcer Roman Polak went toe-to-toe in a classic hockey fight.

As the above video shows, Polak and Clifford dropped the gloves just after a face-off (standard procedure) in the first period, and started immediately throwing bombs at each other. Clifford was clearly getting the better of the duel when he landed a sweet uppercut that laid Polak out for good.

The Blues forward was on his back and had to be helped from the ice, while Clifford skated calmly to the penalty box. It’s fairly clear Clifford won this round, but we’d love to see these two duke it out again next time these two teams meet.

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