Jerry Jones is becoming the new Al Davis

January 10, 2013 – 12:59 am by Hickey


If Dallas Cowboys fans want a crystal ball into their future, they needn’t look any further than the Oakland Raiders. The once-proud organization run into the scorched earth by demented late owner Al Davis appears to be serving as the template for the Cowboys, who will be doing the same thing if soon-to-be demented owner Jerry Jones continues as the team’s head of football operations.

Jones fired defensive coordinator Rob Ryan on Monday, which caused plenty to raise their eyebrows. But his reasoning for doing may have induced some Cowboy fans to do 1980s-style spit takes.

Jones cited the play of the Dallas defense in two games — losses to Seattle and Chicago — as the ultimate reason for letting Ryan go.

Jones’ words to a Dallas TV station:

“I thought we could play better before the injuries, and so I factored that in. It wasn’t like we had a lot of injuries out here when we played Chicago. It wasn’t like we had a lot of injuries when we played Seattle. I didn’t like the way we played there.

“It’s not hard for me to go to those games and say what can we do to improve when we played Seattle and when we played Chicago, and I liked the way we played in subsequent games and I know we didn’t have the talent level on the field that we had when we played Seattle and Chicago.”

Indeed, the Cowboys were dominated by the Bears, 34-18, with the last Dallas TD coming in garbage time and costing me a fantasy victory that week. But to blame the defense for the performance is absurd — quarterback Tony Romo was intercepted five times by the Bears, with two returned for touchdowns.

In Jerry World, that translates to a major defensive breakdown. And that’s precisely why the rest of the NFL has nothing to worry about as long as Jones is running the Cowboys.

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  1. 2 Responses to “Jerry Jones is becoming the new Al Davis”

  2. I’ve been saying for a while that Jones is the New Crypt Keeper. When the man admits that he’d fire the GM if it wasn’t himself, and then won’t actually do anything to improve the team in that area?

    Yeah. That’s the Al Davis Way.

    I laugh when people suggest Jon Gruden could be the next Cowboys coach.

    By Santa Claustrophobia on Jan 10, 2013

  3. I would love John Gruden as coach. e would be better than any of them except Jimmy Johnson. If Jimmy had stayed another 5 or 10 years, they would have stayed awesome.

    That dummy, Jerry, wouldn’t apologize for a drunken remark and then backed it up with actually hiring Barry Switzer, I knew he was ass.

    By Dallas Fan on Aug 24, 2014

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