Denver mayor adds injury to insult

January 16, 2013 – 1:14 am by Hickey

NFL: AFC Divisional Round-Baltimore Ravens at Denver Broncos

There are many candidates for biggest chump in Denver this week following the Broncos’ unbelievable playoff meltdown against the Ravens.

Foremost is safety Rahim Moore, who forgot he was supposed to stay behind Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones, then made a pathetic attempt at intercepting Joe Flacco’s 70-yard bomb to Jones upon doing so.

Then there’s John Fox, who had two timeouts and a chance to drive into field-goal range with more than 30 seconds left but instead took a knee thinking the Broncos could win the game in overtime.

And one can’t overlook the contribution of Peyton Manning, who is increasingly looking like a guy who only won a Super Bowl because he got to play one against Rex Grossman. His across-the-body, into-the-middle-of-the-field interception in overtime looked like something straight out of Sexy Rexy’s repertoire. At this rate Peyton may want to look into endorsing Gerber; at least he won’t choke on that.

Then there is defensive backs coach Ron Milus, who was unceremoniously canned on Tuesday as the result of Moore’s gaffe — as if that is something you’d actually coach a guy to do. But not even poor Milus is the biggest chump in Denver this week following his unfortunate exit.

That distinction alone belongs to mayor Michael Hancock, who as a part of his silly civic bet with Baltimore’s mayor agreed to do Ray Lewis’ “squirrel dance” if the Broncos lost. (I’ve always found that description to be a misnomer, unless the squirrel in question is completely psychotic and has just been injected with a speedball).

According to the Denver Post, Mayor Hancock was injured while practicing the dance, and will have to wait until he recovers to fulfill the terms of the bet. As embarrassing as that is, hopefully he’s telling the truth. I’ve seen The Wire, and you don’t want to mess with the people Baltimore’s mayor can send over to make sure he pays up.

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