Video: Gerald Henderson’s monster dunk on Dwight Howard

December 19, 2012 – 1:02 am by Ryan Phillips

Usually when the Lakers are in a highlight on here, they’re the ones throwing down dunks or tossing around sweet alley-oops, but not tonight. Tonight that award belongs to Gerald Henderson of the Charlotte Bobcats. Yes, you read that right.

In the fourth quarter of the Lakers’ 101-100 win over the Bobcats on Tuesday night, Henderson gathered a pass in the lane and took off, throwing down a dunk over Dwight Howard while being fouled. It was, in a word, sick.

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  1. One Response to “Video: Gerald Henderson’s monster dunk on Dwight Howard”

  2. damn even that Lakers player had to respect it!

    By Anonymous on Dec 19, 2012

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