Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez IV: Live Blog

December 8, 2012 – 7:19 pm by admin
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  1. 7 Responses to “Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez IV: Live Blog”

  2. marquez rips pacuiao a new one ends it for him

    By johnny cash on Dec 8, 2012

  3. pacuiao rips open marquez a new one ends it for him

    By johnny knows cash on Dec 8, 2012

  4. juan is my man

    By mary kate on Dec 9, 2012

  5. That was fucking bullshit juan is on fucking drugs he is a fucking cheater every1 knows his trainer had to deal with all of this shit they better fucking strip that belt away from him and give it to Pac Man

    By Mark Jones on Dec 9, 2012

  6. Thank you, Ryan and Kevin! Great job.

    By MI boy on Dec 9, 2012

  7. Man, they all on drugs so I dont even know why everyone be frontin like they cpncerne about steroids and enhancers. ALL pro athletes take them because no human beings body can take that type of abuse foor years without some enhancement of tissue.

    However the SKILL is not something that can be cheated on. SoI say, let them all dope equally and then let em slug it out. That way the best BOXER will win.

    By Ted Fawler on Dec 9, 2012

  8. Manny’s time has finally come. But then again, either he wins or not, still he gets a huge cut from the fight. I feel that the KO was just a show. On the other hand… Marquez may have studied the weakness of Manny… which was the right side. Manny is a left handed person or a left side dominated person.
    Why my hate has towards him come back is because of the obvious fact that he has just become plain and simple greedy and has been using THE BIBLE. What is show for? if he is truly a Christian, why not be more generous to the poor people in Mindanao or Gen San. Perhaps, people would pray for him more and blessings of different ways, would pour in, for the whole family. I feel that as a Christian, he should feed the poor every Sunday and be able to hire religious leaders to teach the word of the Lord to those poor people and in turn, these people will know God and will say, God is forever good. JUST SAYING HOW I FEEL MANNY, JUST IN CASE YOU GET READ THIS.

    By Jade on Dec 10, 2012

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