Looking a gift horse in the mouth

December 5, 2012 – 7:14 pm by TheBaker

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: guy takes girlfriend to auction and tries to impress. Guy buys girlfriend former racehorse as a pet. Girlfriend tells guy, ‘Thanks, but where am I going to keep a racehorse in a two-bedroom apartment?’

Dutch soccer player Leroy Fer spent $35,000 on a pony for his girlfriend. Perfectly logical. Because who among us doesn’t fight the urge to buy a beautiful woman a pony.

From Metro:

The 22-year-old visited the auction with his girlfriend and other Dutch celebrities, and opened his checkbook after Fer’s lady friend took a liking to famous stallion by the name of Django…

…With no suitable stable space available in the area, Fer has been forced to quickly offload the horse, and is now facing plenty of uncomfortable comments about his relationship from his team-mates.

Poor Django.

FYI, the ‘D’ is silent.

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