Kentucky takes biggest slide in AP poll history

December 4, 2012 – 12:31 am by Hickey


Wait, let me start over again.


Kentucky took the biggest nosedive in the history of the AP basketball poll this week, going from the No. 8 spot to unranked following losses to Notre Dame and Baylor. The loss to Notre Dame was explicable — it is one of the few true road games ever played by the Wildcats outside of the SEC, and as Indiana showed last year, bad things are liable to happen to the ‘Cats in those scenarios.

The home loss was a little more stunning. It was the first in John Calipari’s three years at the helm, snapping a 55-game home winning streak. Baylor’s no chump, but not even winning in Lexington was enough juice to get the Bears into the Top 25. In fact, they were entering the game on the heels of a loss to College of Charleston.

The bad news for Kentucky haters like me? It’s December, and rankings mean absolutely nothing.

As is now always the case with Coach Cal at UK, the Wildcats aren’t so much a team as a collection of the nation’s most promising freshman players. They will take their lumps in the beginning with the goal of becoming a powerhouse in March. More likely than not, that’s exactly what will happen — though one of these years chemistry is bound to become an issue with a group of multiple stars who have never played together.

I’m hoping it’s this year, of course. But I’ll be surprised if I’m still laughing at the end of the season.

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  1. 3 Responses to “Kentucky takes biggest slide in AP poll history”

  2. As a Notre Dame alumnus and an Indiana basketball fan, the past couple of years with Kentucky coming north of the Ohio river? It’s wonderful.

    It’s been nice to see the Kentucky fans/worshipers shut up for a while on Facebook, at the very least.

    Now, if only my Purdue fans would shut up about the 1935 NIT championship…

    By MJenks on Dec 4, 2012

  3. Laugh now brother, laugh now. You will not be laughing in March. Yeah, I’m less than ecstatic now as a True Blue but I too have to realize no matter how much talent these KIDS have they are still only freshmen. Hey, at least we don’t have to fret over a ‘football’ team in Lexington LOL

    By Griff on Dec 5, 2012

  4. I completely understand all the haters out there. I mean, if my team had to play backseat to KY every year, I’d be a hater to. Particularly after they just won a national championship.

    By mjt1877 on Dec 15, 2012

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