Video: Kobe Bryant to Pau Gasol to Dwight Howard alley-oop

November 21, 2012 – 2:19 am by Ryan Phillips

When the Los Angeles Lakers the Dwight Howard this summer, more than a few Lakers fans were dreaming of the ridiculous on-court combinations the team could put together. Well in head coach Mike D’Antoni’s first game on the bench Tuesday night, a sequence of passes occurred that could have made the entire city of Los Angeles weep with joy.

As the above video shows, in the fourth quarter of the Lakers’ hard-fought 95-90 win over the Brooklyn Nets, they connected on a sick play. Kobe Bryant rose up to shoot, threw a pass to Pau Gasol, who immediately tossed up a lob towards Howard. Howard then finished the alley-oop with authority.

That was easily one of the best plays of the season and showed that this Lakers team is already operating on a high level as far as chemistry is concerned.

Bryant finished with 25 points and Howard had 23 (and 15 rebounds), while Gasol and Metta World Peace each had 17.

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