Ben Folds to play for Bobcats?

November 5, 2012 – 4:36 am by Hickey

Yes, you read that headline correctly. But Charlotte Bobcats fans (ahem) can breathe easy — Michael Jordan won’t be making his worst basketball move since drafting Kwame Brown by signing musician Ben Folds to a playing contract. Not a basketball-playing contract, at any rate.

Folds, a North Carolina native, tweeted the Bobcats Sunday night about the possibility of Ben Folds Five being the team’s house band for a game.

The team responded back indicating interest, and now Folds says his management team will be in contact.

With all respect to Jay-Z, if this actually happens it will be the greatest confluence of basketball and live music since Jackie Moon purchased the Flint Tropics, and that was in a movie. The mental picture of Ben Folds Five functioning as some sort of Bobcats pep band during timeouts and between quarters is splendid, and it may help turn attending games into something other than a battle of who could care less.

We suspect team management will request that he keep “Brick” off the set list even though it may be the most apt song title ever created for Bobcat basketball. (I didn’t say subject matter, I said title. Though someone could certainly argue last year’s all-time NBA-worst team was an abortion).

Hopefully we’ll soon have more news about the worlds of Ben Folds and Bismack Biyombo colliding.

Until then, it couldn’t hurt for Ben to work on his J. At least that’s my philosophy.

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  2. I love everything about this idea.

    By Red on Nov 5, 2012

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