NFL: San Diego Chargers accused of using illegal stickum on MNF

October 21, 2012 – 2:37 pm by McD

As if blowing a 24 point lead to a division rival, on the road, on Monday Night Football, heading into the bye week wasn’t bad enough, an equipment manager for the San Diego Chargers was allegedly caught by the game official trying to take some kind of sticky substance onto the field to the players during a time out.

The official apparently saw the substance hidden in a towel carried by the equipment manager, but the Chargers’ employee refused to give it to the official. Should the accusations be proven, the Chargers could face fines, suspensions, and even the loss of draft picks as punishment.

And all this while blowing a 24 point lead. I can’t think of anything more representative of the Norv Turner years for the Chargers than this.

Not only is the team disorganized, inconsistent, and unable to close out what should be easy wins, they can’t even cheat properly. It’s perfect. From the moment GM A.J. Smith fired Marty Schottenheimer until now, the Chargers have experienced nothing but calamity. And I’m saying this as a fan who was supremely happy when the team made their run to the AFC title game in 2008. Since then, the Chargers haven’t won a playoff game in three chances and did not make the playoffs at all in 2011.

I suppose the most damning thing is the fact that the Chargers only have three drops on the entire season. That doesn’t look so good when an equipment manager was supposedly carrying sticky tape onto the field. Quarterback Phillip Rivers is also completing 66.5 percent of his passes in 2012, which is not  very different from his career average. I have no idea how that statistic changes this at all.

Either way, if true, this is a further embarrassment for the Chargers, and maybe one more nail in Norv Turner’s proverbial coffin after the season.

And when anyone says “stickum” involving football, if you don’t think of this scene from Little Giants, well, you’re probably a Cowboys fan.

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  1. 4 Responses to “NFL: San Diego Chargers accused of using illegal stickum on MNF”

  2. Why dont they take all forms of help away from teams?Such as isotoner gloves anything other than the sidelines and the refs drying the balls during the game,It should be bare knuckle no gloves and no stickem of anykind,I wouldnt be suprised to find out later that other teams have been lightly pasting up!Leave those poor Chatgers alone LOL

    By Scott on Oct 22, 2012

  3. It figures. One of the local beat writers for the LA Times wrote that Phillip Rivers is still turnover prone despite statistics that are impressive overall, but that he thinks Rivers will eventually reverse his tendency to come up short in really big games against quality opponents. I responded that “turnover prone” is what we’re probably going to see more of from him going forward. After eight seasons in the NFL–six of them as a starter–I think that this is what he is—at least when things get tight for him going against quality opposition. I’ve seen it too often from him and at age 31 (which is how old he’ll be heading into next season), it would surprise me greatly if he did an about face, cut down on errors of impulsiveness and led this team to a Super Bowl. I could be wrong about this but making critical mistakes under pressure seems to be in his DNA—Thursday night’s disaster against the Denver Broncos serving as yet another case in point. I believe people are enamored with Rivers because he’s 6’5”, 230 pounds of lantern-jawed grit and tenacity who’s cleared the 4500 yard mark twice and passed for over 4,000 yards on two other occasions. Understood. Not many quarterbacks can say make that claim. But as impressive as his touchdown and yardage totals have been from year to year, the Chargers never seem to do well in big games—certainly not in the post season, anyway. And while there’s more than one reason for San Diego’s failures, that’s how I tend to judge big time quarterbacks. Do they win on the road? Do they consistently get big third downs to keep the chains moving and their defenses off the field? How often do they bring their teams back from deficits? How often do they make boneheaded plays under pressure? Rivers has had plenty of time (and weapons) to answer those questions. But age, injuries and ingrained habits begin to rear their ugly heads it will be interesting to see if Phil can buck the trend…

    As a Charger fan I sure hope I’m wrong, but for the record, I’m not betting on it…

    Santa Monica

    By sportsbaron1 on Oct 22, 2012

  4. I think they should have checked the Broncos defense for stickum too. A lot of Rivers passes were sticking in their hands… ZING!

    By Cousin Charlie on Oct 23, 2012

  5. Sorry Clifford that’s too much to read, you might need to get a job or something. You’ve got way too much time on your hands. Great post Charlie. “LOL”

    By tom fitz on Oct 23, 2012

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