Ndamukong Suh reportedly sideswipes car, yells at driver

October 11, 2012 – 11:30 pm by Ryan Phillips

The Detroit Lions had a player involved in yet another off-field controversy, this time it was repeat offender Ndamukong Suh. Suh has been accused of sideswiping a car, leaving the scene of the accident, and then berating the driver during an incident Thursday morning near the Lions’ practice facility.

The incident has been reported by WJBK-TV, the local Fox affiliate. According to WJBK, local police are investigating the incident.

The man involved in the incident with Suh is Steve Vines, who claims Suh hit his car, left the scene of the accident and then yelled at Vines at a stoplight. Vines says he called Dearborn, Michigan police, who told him to go to the Lions’ practice facility and wait there.

According to Vines, this is what transpired next:

“That’s when (Suh) said, ‘I advise you to leave, now.’ And I said, ‘I’m not going anywhere. I talked to the police.’ (He said), ‘I don’t care what they said. You need to get out of here.’ And then he said, ‘I’m advising you to leave now.'”

The Lions are aware of the incident and issued the following statement about it Thursday:

“We are away of the reports involving Ndamukong Suh. Since this is a traffic incident, we will defer any comments to the local law enforcement agency that filed a report on the incident this morning.”

This is the second time in a few months that Suh has been involved in a traffic incident. The Pro Bowl defensive tackle is currently being sued by a passenger who suffered injuries when he wrecked his car in his hometown of Portland, Oregon a little less than a year ago.

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