Lousy day for ChiSox legends

October 24, 2012 – 12:56 am by Hickey

If you are a Chicago White Sox legend, the past 48 hours have been the equivalent of one of those innings that is going so badly that Hawk Harrelson doesn’t say anything at all.

On Monday night, Sox (of both colors) Hall of Famer Carlton Fisk was arrested for DUI when cops in south suburban New Lenox, IL found Fisk passed out behind the wheel of his truck… in the middle of a corn field.

If you drink it, they will come. In squad cars.

Fisk’s former White Sox teammate, Ozzie Guillen, found himself in similarly bad shape Tuesday afternoon when he was fired as the Marlins manager after one year at the helm. Guillen was coveted by the Marlins so badly last offseason that they actually traded two minor leaguers to the Sox for his services.


Out of the two, I don’t think there’s any question Ozzie came out looking better.

1. He doesn’t have a horrible mug shot floating around.

2. He no longer has to work for Jeffrey Loria.

3. Bobby Valentine’s existence proves Guillen somehow wasn’t the worst managerial hire of the year.

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